3 Oval Wheel Flowmeters for Multiple Applications


Low Cost, High-End or High Pressure

INSTROTECH has on offer 3 Kobold oval wheel flowmeters, that give precise flow measurement for all viscous, non-abrasive clean liquids, and can be used in a number of diverse applications, such as measurement of fuel consumption for small aircraft, motor boats, and mobile power generators. Applicable media are all viscous, non-abrasive clean liquids, like petroleum and other fuels (including diesel), oil and grease, ink and pastes, and chemicals. 


KOBOLD DOE – Low cost, compact, stainless steel body, DOE measures fuel consumption for OEM customers, offering different pulse output options including one to measure pulsating flow from peristaltic pumps. Temperature measurement enables appropriate electronics to compensate for changing densities of the liquids of up to 1000 cP, and the unit is accurate to + 1% of readings under reference conditions.

DOE features:

·         Measuring ranges: 0.5 … 40 l/min

·         Pressure max: 64 bar; Temp max: +100 °C

·         Specifications: pulse output, integrated Pt 100 (measuring of fuel consumption)

KOBOLD DON – High-end, positive displacement flowmeter, with two oval geared rotors that measure a constant volume per rotation within a precisely machined measuring chamber.  With each rotation, a constant volume of liquid is measured.  The rotation of the oval gears is sensed via magnets embedded in the rotors and transmits a high resolution pulse output.  This signal can be processed externally via a remote display controller or PLC, or other available accessory options attached to the flowmeters. DON can be used for liquids with different viscosities of up to 1000 cP and higher on request, and is accurate to + 0.2% of readings.

DON features:

·         Measuring ranges: 0.5 … 2500 l/min

·         Pressure max: 100 bar; Temp max: 150 °C (High temp version)

·         Specifications: all typical outputs, digital display, mechanical register, ATEX and IECEx

DON-H for High pressure features:

·         Measuring ranges: 0.5 … 40 l/min

·         Pressure max: 400 bar; Temp max: 120 °C

·         Specifications: all typical outputs, digital display, ATEX

Contact INSTROTECH for more information on Kobold’s 3 Oval wheel flowmeters on 010 595 1831 or sales@instrotech.co.za

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