A Wellness Wednesday trio for Atlas Copco employees in celebration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work 

Once again living up to its proud reputation as an ‘employer of choice’, Atlas Copco introduced some wonderful initiatives during the month of April that focused on employees’ mental and physical well-being. 

Leading up to 28th April World Day for Safety and Health at Work, April 6th, 13th and 20th were certainly no ordinary Wednesdays at Atlas Copco. Aptly named ‘Wellness Wednesdays’, these three days offered employees the opportunity of participating in some fun activities. “As part of our strong safety and health culture, we looked for activities that would be enjoyable but relaxing at the same time,” says Atlas Copco’s Human Resource Manager, Marilyn Govender. 

And what can be more relaxing than a yoga session! So the first Wellness Wednesday saw employees stretching out on their yoga mats. Head and shoulder massages were also available, relaxing both body and mind. On the second Wellness Wednesday, employees participated in an indoor putting competition, bringing many a competitive spirit to the fore between the two-player teams. 

The theme, ‘Reconnect’ was carried throughout the three Wednesdays. Marilyn explains: “The work-from-home experience, as part of a bid to keep each other safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, restricted employee interaction. As teamwork was not possible, we all had to learn to work independently for a prolonged period, leading to feelings of isolation. Seeing a clear need for employees to become reconnected with each other, we identified some smart reconnection exercises.”

First up in the reconnection station was a hula hoop which employees had to take hold of and lower to the ground together, which took some serious teamwork. Also part of the reconnect journey, a painting exercise, which took place on the third Wellness Wednesday, consisted of a Reconnect 2022 image on a large 2 canvass. As each employee was given only one portion of the image to paint, the ‘artists’ reconnected through their joint efforts in creating and completing a beautiful image.

Not forgetting our employees’ physical wellbeing, Wellness Reality Nurses were on stand-by throughout the three Wellness Wednesdays, to give free wellness checks (blood pressure, cholesterol, HIV/Aids, etc.) to employees. 

“Judging from our employees’ keen participation and positive feedback, Wellness Wednesdays were a huge success. But our safety and health journey is most certainly a marathon and not a sprint as we continue our efforts to nurture a safe working environment and to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of all our valued employees,” concludes Marilyn.

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