Advanced sealing solutions for wheel end maintenance from SKF


Industry estimates illustrate that up to 90% of premature wheel bearing failures are a result of incorrect seal installation and subsequent leakage of lubricant. “Scotseal PlusXL from SKF is the ideal solution as the seal is easily installed without tools, not only helping to eliminate costly ‘do-overs’ but also extending wheel end life,” states André Weyers, SKF Business Development Manager, Seals and Metals.

The global bearing and rotation specialist boasts 95% OEM approval for the South African supply of European truck ranges. Fixated on delivering innovative, optimal performance wheel seals for a variety of wheel end maintenance requirements, SKF’s arsenal features the advanced Scotseal PlusXL and Scotseal Classic for commercial vehicles.

Thanks to its proven history of high performance, SKF’s Scotseal PlusXL, the standard seal in pre-assembled hubs, is the preferred seal of choice amongst numerous OEM truck and trailer manufacturers.


The HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) elastomeric material of the advanced Scotseal PlusXL has been formulated to offer a prime sealing performance and an extended lifespan in contaminated conditions and boasts high temperature capabilities of up to 149°C across a wide array of road and driving conditions. The seal’s smartly formulated HNBR material also extends the service life of wheel end components and delivers several cost and time saving benefits. The Scotseal PlusXL has been tested and is compatible with all popular synthetic lubricants. Furthermore, its unified design delivers fresh running surface for sealing lips and keeps out road contaminants, thereby extending service intervals.

Comprising a ‘fat footprint’ with adhesive type properties that locks onto the spindle, the Scotseal PlusXL is the perfect-fit seal even on worn spindles. Specialised EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene) material-blended nitrile ID seals over the gripping shaft of imperfect spindles remove the leak path. The superb blend of elastomeric material and a rugged, O.D. (Outside Diameter) design, which enables the seal to be accurately installed without special tooling, makes the Scotseal PlusXL the best-in-class maintenance solution for wheel end seal replacement. “As no tools are required to fit the seal, the lube ID, O.D. and the seal get pressed into the hub, preventing costly ‘do-overs’,” adds Weyers.

Another reliable seal design from SKF is the Bore-Tite coated Scotseal Classic which, in comparison to a simple metal-to-metal press fit, is an enhanced seal that ensures the correct protection of the wheel end. The sealing element features three lips, a factory pre-lubed spring-loaded primary sealing lip, a dirt exclusion lip and an outer bumper lip that works as a preliminary excluder for extended durability.

The Scotseal Classic’s smart, unified design provides the ideal running surface for the three sealing lips thereby averting oil leaks and contamination ingress. ”This reliable seal design provides long-lasting service and dependability, ensuring customers of the lowest cost of ownership,” concludes Weyers.

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