The African Petrochemical Roadshow offers a diagonal slice of the industry, showcasing and highlighting multiple products, services and expertise available to the Petrochemical Industry, General Engineering, Mining and Power Generation sectors. This show includes Instrumentation and Control, Health and Safety, Environmental, Mechanical, Plant Optimisation solutions and much more..

We will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals, allowing you the opportunity to:

  • Meet active new buyers
  • Boost your profile in the industry and add value to your brands
  • Show your full product range in real life
  • Without the liability of hotel, travel, fuel and not forgetting the most important one- TIME
  • Meet your potential customers face to face, and accelerate the buying process
  • Create valuable business connections within the 7 hour time slot
  • Launch a new product and generate instant interest
  • Develop a personal relationship with both the exhibitors & visitors
  • Your elected company representative/s can achieve in 7 hours what independently could take weeks.

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