Schalk Venter Managing Director, Afrox

African Oxygen Limited (Afrox) has achieved Level 1 status under South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment regulations. This is an historic achievement for Afrox and will open doors to many more contracts awarded on the basis of a company’s contribution to uplifting fledgling black businesses, confirmed managing director Schalk Venter.

“Afrox is committed to changing the face of business in South Africa, supporting small black businesses and supporting our Government’s objectives to provide opportunity for the previously oppressed majority in our country,” said Venter.

He added: “Our dedication to this transformation of South Africa’s business landscape is reflected in our unwavering pursuit of B-BBEE Level 1 status. In recent years we have focused on developing Afrox as a business fit-for-purpose and, in this respect, we have enjoyed the support of our parent company, Linde plc.”

Schalk Venter Managing Director, Afrox

Afrox is the sole provider under contract to state healthcare in South Africa, serving more than 400 hospitals and 1600 clinics. The company recently delivered the ‘first-fill’ of 2 bulk Oxygen tanks installed at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) COVID-19 field hospital. The company and its people have been at the heart of South Africa’s medical efforts to treat and defeat the virus.

Afrox Head of the Healthcare division, Joseph Ramashala, said: “Keeping the Oxygen flowing to hospitals is what motivates us at Afrox. This field hospital is expected to treat at peak, 200 admissions and 200 discharges a day, which would make it one of the biggest and busiest hospitals in the province. And Afrox is here to ensure our frontline Healthcare workers have the medical gases they need to save lives.”

“Afrox is the highest rated B-BBEE company in our JSE-listing sector,” said Venter. “We have been in business for 93 years, a survivor through the worst of times, and we will continue to serve South Africa, our fellow citizens, stakeholders and shareholders for many decades to come.”

He added: “Afrox’s products and services touch the lives of every South African today, support all sectors of the economy and contribute to the very wellbeing of the country in these uncertain times. We are a proudly South African company and will continue to ensure vital medical gases are available to save lives in the fight against COVID-19, food is on the table of households and many markets we serve can continue to operate and provide employment.”

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