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Focused on renewable energy, technology and sustainability recruitment, employment and consulting services in Africa, AltGen facilitates growth for the game-changers by building their teams with professionals that share their vision and mission as well as have the technical skills to execute on their mandates.

Since 2012, AltGen has played an important role in Renewable Energy in Africa through providing human resources and knowledge needed for clients to execute on their mandates. Services range from assisting with utility scale operations to formulating HR strategies as well as assisting recent graduates across Africa find jobs. With entities in South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius, AltGen operates across both francophone and anglophone African countries. The company now consists of three complimentary divisions which cover the three stages of job creation in the energy space, these complimentary divisions include Recruitment, Employment Services and Consulting.

Recruitment: Specialised turnkey Executive Search solutions in sourcing and placing the very best talent with reputable employers who are embedded in the industry. We work with companies and individuals who are driven by their passion – actioning positive change in Africa.

Employment Services: When owning the responsibility of employment is not possible and the need to effectively manage operations requires certain skills and expertise to be employed, AltGen is able to provide the link which ensures growth and success. Where clients are unable to employ themselves, our Employment Services division acts as the de facto employer, facilitating the full HR procedural scope for the client – enabling our clients to focus on their core operations. In essence, AltGen assists our clients to deliver on their solutions while remaining lean, agile, and responsive. AltGen also facilitates workforce management services for O&Ms operating int the REIPPPP space. These solutions ensure that clients are compliant with their job creation commitments and these services include upskilling the local labour force through our Solar Works Programme.

Consulting: AltGen is a quality research and advisory firm working in various disciplines, underwriting, and enabling sustainable development practices that focus on understanding and uplifting people through sustainable business solutions. We focus on the nexus between social and economic development within the cleantech space.


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