An industry first as BI launches Bauer multi-mount electric motors

Traditionally, cast iron electric motors only cater for top-mounted terminal boxes. This is now all set to change with the industry’s first multi-mount cast iron motor available from leading supplier BI.

The latest multi-mount cast-iron Bauer electric motor range from BI can accommodate the terminal box on the top, left-hand or right-hand side. The major benefit for customers is that it reduces duplicate stockholding to accommodate different terminal box positions.


The Bauer motor range from BI is available in various energy efficiency

Traditionally, cast iron electric motors are available in a wide range from 0.37 kW up to 400 kW, with BI only catering for top-mounted terminal boxes. “Some plants either have top, left-hand or right-hand terminal boxes, making it a complex and costly exercise to stock all three,” BI Bauer Electric Motors Product Manager Lewis Hiepner explains. BI itself ordered whichever variant was required ex-factory, with a normal lead time of about 14 weeks.

The Bauer motor range from BI is also available in various energy efficiency ratings, from IE1 as standard and IE2 high efficiency, all the way through to IE3 and even IE4. “We are standardising on IE1 motors, with the possibility of being able to offer IE2 as a standard option as well, although this is still in the pipeline,” Hiepner reveals.

The multi-mount motor range, being cast iron, is particularly robust, and therefore ideal for the arduous operating conditions of mining operations. “We have received significant interest in the new Bauer multi-mount range, combined with its energy-saving potential,” Hiepner concludes.

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