Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s compressed Air Solutions are Smart

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique has crafted its niche in the Southern African mining and industry sectors with innovative Smart Air Solutions that deliver accurate, quality air at point of use at the lowest possible cost to customers and end-users.

“As part of ‘The Home of Industrial Ideas’ Compressor Technique is committed to providing pioneering compressed air and gas solutions which not only assist customers to boost their productivity and profitability levels but also their operation processes,” states Pieter Van Wyk, General Manager of the Compressor Technique business area. “We are focused on extending our capabilities beyond the supply of air compressors to the delivery of reliable, energy efficient end-to-end air solutions through our global network and three divisions; Industrial Air, Oil-Free Air and Compressor Technique Service.”

The three divisions deploy state-of-the-art air, gas and vacuum compressor technology which is applied across a comprehensive range of small, medium and large oil-free and oil injected compressors and ancillaries including filters, dryers and piping. Compressor Technique caters to a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, processing, packaging, marine, railway, oil & gas as well as the automotive and petrochemical sectors that require 100% oil-free, premium quality clean air. Atlas Copco was the first company to be ISO 22000 compliant with its certified oil-free air compressors for the food & beverage market.


“With such an extensive product range, we are geared to cater to virtually every customer requirement, from a small operation or workshop to a highly sophisticated plant that requires compressed air 24/7,” notes Van Wyk. “So irrespective of the size or number of compressors or the plant’s air demand, we have the most efficient and cost-effective solution to perfectly meet each individual application.”

Oil-injected and oil-free air compressors up to 90kW, on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators, air treatment solutions and compressor controls form part of the Industrial Air division’s world-class offerings. Further adding to the division’s impressive product portfolio is the prominent GA oil-injected screw compressor range and NGP+ generators.

The Oil-free Air division’s trailblazing product suite of 90kW and up includes a wide range of low pressure blowers which include ZB and ZM centrifugal units, ZS rotary screw blowers and ZL lobe blowers. Rounding off the diverse portfolio are the ZT 90-160 VSD/ZR 90-900 VSD+, the ZH 1000-3150 centrifugal compressor, and the GA 90+-315 VSD+.

With a focus on cultivating lifetime partnerships with customers, Compressor Technique’s Service division (CTS) aims to take customers beyond simply just the service and repair of machinery to the overall enhancement of their processes. Thanks to its highly-skilled technical team, CTS uses its service customised systems to support customers in planning, scheduling and after service administration. This includes Service Plans, spares and service offerings which maximises uptime and profitability for valued customers.

Dedicated to providing customers with Industry 4.0 compliant solutions so that they can remain ahead of the game, Compressor Technique offers smart systems such as the Optimizer 4.0 and SmartLink. The central control and monitoring system, Optimizer 4.0, augments a compressed air system by efficiently combining air compressors and dryers whilst ensuring the supply of the required pressure or having balanced running hours to diminish service intervals. Machines are now able to monitor their health and self-diagnose their condition thanks to SmartLink, which automatically uploads data via a GSM connection to Atlas Copco servers in the cloud; placing machine performance at customers’ fingertips.


Compressor Technique is also active in the medical industry where ultra clean air at medical facilities is quintessential. These medical solutions are compliant with HTM 02-01, ISO 7396-1 standards and include medical air, oxygen and vacuum systems, anaesthetic gas scavenging systems (AGSS), manifold control systems, monitoring and alarm equipment and pipeline components. The division’s medical air and oxygen quality is in accordance to the European Pharmacopoeia monograph. All medical products are manufactured and designed to ISO 13485 quality management systems and are classified as medical devices.

“Our broad product offerings are specifically designed and developed to cater to diverse applications and customer requirements. Compressor Technique strives to continuously enhance our technology, products and services so that we remain customers’ preferred air solutions partner along their business growth journeys,” concludes Van Wyk.

Compressor Technique together with Power Technique and Industrial Technique, form the three business areas within the Home of Industrial Ideas

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