Atlas Copco ready to Tee Off for AMCARE

Atlas Copco is the proud sponsor of the AMCARE Golf Day which will take place on 23 May 2019. The aim of this event is to assist the non-profit organisation in raising funds and spreading awareness about their numerous care-based initiatives.

“This will be the first time that Atlas Copco sponsors the AMCARE Golf Day and we are eager to show our solid support for this worthy cause,” states Wendy Buffa-Pace, Group Human Resources Manager at Atlas Copco. Showcasing their passionate dedication to this fundraising initiative, Frans van Niekerk, Managing Director and Vice President of Atlas Copco Holdings will represent the company at the event and display his golfing skills!

Founded seventeen years ago by the Alberton Methodist Church, AMCARE initially provided relief to those living with HIV/Aids in the surrounding New Redruth area. The organisation has now grown to provide additional services with the objective to educate, inform and care for people in the greater area of Alberton so that they can empower themselves. AMCARE’s support and relief effort services are split into four programmes; Victim Empowerment, HIV/Aids, Elderly Care and Skills Development.


“Some of the individuals that AMCARE cares for will be present at the Golf Day and we look forward to interacting with them and gaining a better understanding of their circumstances,” says Buffa-Pace. “We are confident that the Golf Day will serve to generate more support for the organisation so that they can continue to assist those in need. In addition to being a fun day for all the participants the event will be the starting block for everyone to have the opportunity to pay the spirit of giving forward.”

The Golf Day is geared to attract a large number of participants and will hopefully reach its target of ZAR 100 000. These funds will go towards the maintenance of various AMCARE facilities as well as the procurement of products and services to provide support to the organisation’s children and their families.

Buffa-Pace concludes that Atlas Copco is committed to assisting communities in need and is certain that the proceeds raised from the Golf Day will help AMCARE to make a lasting difference to the lives of many individuals in need.

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