Atmospheric Distillation Analyzer: Diana 700


Perfection from the first drop

The distillation at atmospheric pressure is a crucial test to maximize the yield of different petroleum products out of crude oil based on their boiling range characteristics. The distillation behavior also provides important information about composition, properties, and behavior during storage and use. This affects the safety regulations as well as the handling and the performance of hydrocarbon-based fuels.

Anton Paar’s distillation unit Diana 700 is the most convenient solution for performing high-precision atmospheric distillation tests on petrochemical products. Sophisticated temperature measurement and volume detection make sure that your results are highly accurate.


Diana 700 for refineries: Get the most out of your crude oil whilst being complaint:

When extracting fuels or other petroleum products from crude oil during refining, 1 °C can make a substantial financial difference. To make sure you get the most out of your crude oil, you need to know the boiling range of the product very well. Plus: You have to comply with certain standards when analyzing your products. Diana 700 provides exactly the precision, temperature stability, and compliance you need to reach your targets.

Diana 700 for testing labs: Complete more test runs in one day with operator convenience and safety:

As soon as the distillation flask has been mounted the heater and the protection shield automatically moves up. The instrument then identities the flask and flask support board to ensure they are correct, before the distillation commences.

For a maximum level of safety, the automatic shield lift surrounds the flask, reducing the risk of touching any hot parts while a measurement is running. After finishing the test, the heater moves down to accelerate the cooling down of the flask. Your benefit: You don’t lose time on repeating measurements several times and can process more customer orders per day – which results in more revenue for your business.

Built-in features for the highest safety level

  • Automatic self-checking system to make sure every component is ready for your distillation.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher with optical fire detection.
  • Automatic detection if inert gas is connected.
  • Create different user roles with specified access and authorization rights.
  • Reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emission

Robust, eco-friendly and cost-saving instrument

Diana 700 enables a fast switch between different ASTM D86 distillation groups and reaches the required temperatures in less than five minutes. You will experience shorter waiting periods between measurements, due to the highly efficient and liquid-free Peltier temperature regulation which allows the cooling and heating of the condenser and receiving chamber to achieve faster results than those with liquid-based technologies.

Highly accurate volume reading

The volume detection of Diana 700 makes use of the high accuracy of contact imaging sensor technology (CIS) to achieve a precise determination of the sample volume. This technology has no moving parts to avoid malfunction of the instrument and is able to continuously follow the liquid level in the cylinder. Additionally, the volume is measured by the instrument before the test starts and corrected to 100 % volume, if necessary.

Convenient handling: Mobile multi-plug with indestructible temperature sensor

For a perfect operator experience and to increase the usability of the instrument, the vapor temperature sensor was combined with the flask holder. The resulting multi-plug is available in two variants: with the indestructible temperature sensor made of metal or with the classical sensor made of glass. Install the distillation flask (125 mL or 200 mL) in the correct position with just one hand and within seconds.


Smart operator assistance

With Diana 700 intelligent condition monitoring system, the distillation will only commence once all of the measurements steps in the setup have been done correctly. The system eliminates the chance of a measurement having to be repeated, due to an incorrect setup or from a non-compliant standard.

For users that are unsure or lack in training knowledge, the innovative user interface provides a step-by-step illustrated guide in order to assist the user in setting up and completing the distillation.

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