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AVK Southern Africa is proud that it develops products that make a difference now and in future. Renowned for their superior quality, AVK products are locally manufactured. Now, leading the way and using available resources in the most rewarding and sustainable way is not the only thing AVK is well-known for.

AVK does a lot more than develop leading products – AVK develops people.

The company, a global market leader in the manufacturing and supplying of valves, takes pride in its exceptional service, quality and reliability. And, it says, it all comes down to its people.

With a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering, a life-long love of maths and science, and a newfound passion for fluids and valves, David Putswa is the Senior Internal Sales Person – Projects AVK Southern Africa Valves. Recently qualified, Putswa joined AVK in 2017 and says that his journey is far from over.

Growing up, Putswa had a passion for mathematics. During high school he was encouraged to go to maths and science festivals and expos, and join programmes like Eskom’s Expo for Young Scientists. “I met scientists and engineers as well as university students who mentored me,” he recalls. “Their excitement and energy were contagious, and I feel the same way being at AVK.”

While he says he had a broad knowledge of the industry, AVK helped shape and mentor him. “I was educated by everyone, mentored by management, and trained by The Academy”, he says. “I was introduced to the world of water and valves and I learned so much about industrial projects. I am learning all the time!”

The Academy was founded in 2016 as an in-house training facility for AVK employees, clients, distributors and engineers. The Academy’s two courses, Valve Fundamentals and Advanced Valves, are accredited by ECSA (The Engineering Council of South Africa). The range of valves to manage different fluids is vast and spans a multitude of processes systems and conditions. Putswa was inducted into this world by experts who gave him product, technical and practical training and, as a result, pipelines have been added to his passions. “I would love to become an Academy facilitator and impart to others what I have learnt.”

The AVK culture is energetic, supportive and one of growth, says Putswa. “We start every day with laughter and comradery, and we are always learning.” AVK recognises the potential in their staff and encourages growth. He enjoys the challenge of investigating new applications and solutions for clients and connecting with different people. He hopes to continue studying and attain his master’s degree and become a registered member of The Engineering Council of South Africa.

“My advice? Stay focused, never give up, be dedicated and give it your all. When I look back at where I came from to where I am now, it’s been an amazing journey.”

David Putswa is truly a shining example of what it means to embrace every opportunity, to learn something new every day, and to be a mentor and inspiration to others. His favourite quote from Henry Ford couldn’t be more apt: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” 

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