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Bespoke Cummins power generation solution for offshore application in the Gulf

Cummins Arabia has collaborated with Speedy International to develop a bespoke power generation solution for an offshore application in the Gulf oil-and-gas sector that required continuous electrical power. It was able to deliver a fully-customised solution engineered to perform through any adverse weather conditions.

Two Cummins C440D5 units, enclosed in a customised soundproof and weatherproof container, provide a total of 800 kVA prime power for the offshore operation. The gensets will be installed offshore of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates under highly adverse conditions, including constraints such as low-quality fuel, being rust-prone, high ambient temperatures, continuous running, and minimum maintenance.


Philip Samuel George and Chris Dempsey

As a designated Zone 2 offshore location, rigorous standards for design and testing of electrical equipment ensure that equipment and workers are protected from possible fire or explosion hazards. Thus Zone 2 attachments were integrated with the power system, in addition to features such as four-point lifting, motorised dampers, and marine-grade paint.

It was a team effort by Cummins engineering, sales, and support functions, in conjunction with supplier ACE Engineering & Cranes. All the support functions, especially Cummins’ transportation team and ACE, worked late hours through Ramadan to complete the fabrication and delivery on-time.

Part of the UK-based Speedy, and with its regional head office in Abu Dhabi, Speedy International is a rental equipment company with close to 50 Cummins’ installations since 2017. “Partnerships are key for Cummins, as these are critical in building successful business relationships,” Vivek Vincent, Sales Engineer – Power Generation, Cummins Arabia, comments.

“Once again, the strength of our network, customer service, and communication throughout the design and delivery challenges resulted in a successful outcome due to innovation and collaboration,” Vincent concludes. Aftermarket support includes the provision of replacement parts, filters, and modification of existing enclosures.

Pic captions

Anirudh Singhania, Director – Power Generation Sales (JV and Independent Distributors); Philip Samuel George, Procurement and Supply Chain Manager, Speedy International; and Chris Dempsey, Oil and Gas General Manager, Speedy International.

Philip Samuel George, Procurement and Supply Chain Manager, Speedy International; and Chris Dempsey, Oil and Gas General Manager, Speedy International.


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