BMG and AAC team up for a clean environment in Jeppestown

The joy of teamwork is clearly evident in the partnership between engineering specialists, BMG and entrepreneurs, Agri Arts & Construction (AAC).

“Everyone likes a good-news story and ours is certainly that. Through this match, which was made in the bustling suburb of Jeppestown – home to both companies – the area looks much better,” says Ruth Black, Group HR Executive, Engineering Solutions Group – the holding company of BMG. “The gardens and pavements around BMG’s head office and warehouse facility, BMG World, are now regularly cleaned and manicured by the eight-man AAC gardening team – all of whom were previously unemployed. With BMG’s assistance, AAC now has a corporate identity design, working uniforms and tools selected from the Tools & Equipment division.

“The BMG team is not only proud to work with AAC, but we also enjoy a close association with Jeppestown’s urban developers, who are committed to improving the quality of life for this community. The Bjala Foundation is currently developing affordable housing and a healthy urban environment in the city. In fact, many BMG staff members now reside in re-vamped apartments in the area. Bjala’s programme also involves the provision of education in the area, skills development and job creation, as well as improved safety and a clean environment.”

A key motivator of these initiatives – Malibongwe Sithole, Director of AAC and Bjala’s Community Liaison Officer – had this to say: “Our partnership with BMG has changed our lives for the better. The company has offered more than we expected and this is an honour for the team. We feel important and we are proud to play an active role in keeping our environment clean. We have recognition and a sense of belonging to a community. BMG makes us feel part of a family.”

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