BMG Fluid Technology – Parker oil filtration and purification systems – 10 MFP portable filtration trolleys

BMG’s Fluid Technology division offers advanced filtration, separation and purification solutions, to ensure fluids – including water, fuel and lubricant oil – are within the required cleanliness standards.

“With the preferred trend for diesel-fuelled equipment, there is a greater demand for the supply of ‘cleaner’, non-contaminated diesel and lubricant oils from diverse sectors, including earthmoving, mining, transport and shipping,” says David Dyce, business unit manager, Fluid Technology, BMG. “The control and prevention of contamination of fluids ensures optimum performance, improved reliability and extended service life of machinery, equipment and vehicles.

“Fluid maintenance is frequently neglected and the consequences of using contaminated fuel and lubricant oil, are often under-estimated. The main cause of contamination in diesel and lubricant oils, is water and dirt ingress. Foreign materials encourage the culture of bacteria, which feed on hydrocarbons, degrading fuel quality.


“Without the implementation of a structured control and contamination prevention programme, premature equipment failure is likely to occur, resulting in unnecessary downtime and costly replacement of parts.”

BMG – a local distributor for Parker’s filtration products – offers advanced oil filtering and purification products, which prevent contamination, reduce daily oil consumption and minimise waste. These technologies include Parker oil purification trolleys and portable fluid purification systems.

BMG’s portable 10 MFP (ModuFlow Plus) series hydraulic Parker filtration trolleys, which protect hydraulic systems from contamination, are designed to pre-filter and transfer lubrication fluids – like hydraulic, gear and lubrication oils, with a maximum viscosity of 108 centistokes (cSt) – safely from drums or storage tanks to system reservoirs.

These CE marked trolleys, which meet stringent international quality specifications, are also used to filter a new fluid or for conditioning fluids already in use. These trolleys are also suitable for complementing an existing filtration system, or to remove free water from a system.

The Moduflow™ dual stage, double length filtration system, which is standard on all units, offers pump protection and extends service life of fluids and particulate elements. Par-Gel™ water removal elements remove ‘free water’, above a particular fluid’s saturation level. Dirt and water are efficiently removed from the system in one process.

A new optional feature of this system is particle detector, which can be mounted to the standard frame of the filter trolley, for enhanced monitoring of the hydraulic system and accurate detection of particulate when transferring oil. The icountPD configuration, with an online STI size 0 moisture sensor, allows a fluid viscosity of between 1 and 108 cSt. The industrial quality gear pump has been designed for quiet operation, offering a maximum flow of 38 litres/min (10 GPM).

These portable trolleys, with a heavy-duty frame, are operated easily by one person. Robust rubber wheels ensure easy mobility over rough surfaces and specially designed carbon steel wheels are available for underground mining applications. A 3,35 m kink-resistant hose and wand assemblies are included with this system – no additional hardware is necessary.

Other Parker oil filtration and purification systems from BMG include Parker Sentinel™ portable fluid purification systems, which are incorporated into planned maintenance programmes, to protect hydraulic systems and increase productivity, by eliminating moisture in oil.

In applications where there is excessive moisture in hydraulic oil, BMG recommends the use of the Parker PVS (Purification Vacuum System) series portable purification system. The vacuum dehydration operating principle is used to draw water-contaminated fluid out of a system, remove the water content and return the clean fluid to the reservoir.

BMG’s Parker SMR series sub-micronic removal fluid purifications systems, incorporate Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA™) technology, which maintains hydraulic and lubricating fluids in optimum condition, while preventing or removing the build-up of sludge and varnish.

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