Bobcat Rental has largest skidsteer fleet in South Africa

Whether it’s the economic climate or the desire to ensure business continuity throughout projects, Bobcat Rental gives the assurance of new, regularly-serviced plant that is ready to take on any job.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and evergreen rental contracts cater for the full market spectrum, Bobcat Rental General Manager Vanessa Koszulinski explains. “All our rental machines are serviced and repaired at our workshops at each branch to ensure maximum uptime, while equipment is replaced to ensure business continuity for our clients.”

The rental division procures new machines from Bobcat Equipment South Africa itself, and older machines are retired from the rental fleet in good working order, whereupon they are made available for sale, promoting the second-hand sales division in turn.

Rental contracts are extremely flexible in line with customers’ diverse requirements and applications. “Evergreen contracts are the most economical for our clients,” Koszulinski adds. highlighting that Bobcat provides full maintenance and servicing of all units as part of its rental service. “All our rental machines are offered with operators, again ensuring maximum operability for clients.”

Evergreen contracts are renewed automatically, or by notice given, year-on-year until cancelled by the either party. “All our contract timing is designed to offer financial flexibility, while meeting client budgets, as well as convenience and peace of mind,” Koszulinski asserts.


The most popular rental machines at present are Bobcat skidsteer loaders

With clients across construction, agriculture, transport, warehousing, mining and more, the past 12 months have proved a boon for the rental division. “In August we had the privilege of renting nine units, together with 18 operators, to the Dickinson Group, when it was awarded the furnace-cleaning contract at Consol in Clayville,” Koszulinski reveals.

“Our relationship with Bobcat Rental has extended over three years to date, which is indicative of the good standing we hold the company in,” Dickinson Group Director Dean du Plessis comments. “We regularly call on Bobcat Rental for all of our plant requirements over industry shutdowns, which are critical periods where efficient customer service and reliable equipment are vital to assist in reducing downtime.”

The most popular rental machines at present are skidsteer loaders, with Bobcat having the largest rental skidsteer fleet available in South Africa. The rental division also offers an extensive range of attachments, from road sweepers to trenchers to tar planers.

All of these attachments are interchangeable, making the Bobcat skidsteer loader a versatile and highly-efficient piece of construction equipment. Another highly adaptable rental machine is the Bobcat backhoe loader, from digging to trenching, breaking, or general materials-handling. This is a very reliable machine that s in high demand, with 11 in the national rental fleet at present.

“In dealing with so many different industries and customers, we find that our plant being fully maintained and serviced within the ambit of our rental agreements ensures huge savings for our clients, as well as assisting them in reducing their overheads and mitigating business risks,” Koszulinski stresses.

Bobcat Rental’s 24-hour exchange policy guarantees clients’ a service exchange unit at no additional cost should it prove impossible to repair a rental unit on-site, which adds to the attractiveness of the rental option. Here Bobcat’s 24/7 standby technicians play a critical support function, in addition to the full back-up offered by the parts division.

As a result, the rental division continues to experience major growth. This is largely due to innovative offerings such as discounted rates for rental combos, which include a machine and an attachment, for example.

“Our division is not simply about machine rental, but aims to meet the specific requirements and applications of our diverse customer base in the most efficient and attractive manner possible. It is this ethos of service, dependability, and innovation that underpins Bobcat Equipment South Africa as a whole,” Koszulinski concludes.

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