Bosch Holdings celebrates 60 years of innovation in engineering.


Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Plant

It was inconceivable for the founders of Bosch Holdings in 1961 to have known that 60 years later, the company would have expanded into a global operation, offering consulting engineering, skills development and project finance solutions throughout South Africa, into Africa and internationally, having executed projects in over 120 countries.

Bosch Holdings has been involved in many prestigious projects around the world, starting with the design in 1963 of Durban’s iconic sugar terminal.

“Innovative engineering, authentic people and pursuing excellence in every aspect of our business, are key to our success. We value our team and we encourage our people to grow, have fun and to reach their full potential as we continue our journey together,” says Mike Gibbon, CEO, Bosch Holdings. “Our relationships with clients are central to our business and we are committed to embracing the latest technologies and improving the lives of those around us, through integrated project solutions.

“We ensure the successful completion of every project, in line with the highest standards, in terms of safety, quality, time and within budget restraints.”

Bosch Holdings, with its head office in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, is supported by a strong regional presence, with highly qualified professionals at more than 10 office locations across South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Plant

The Group comprises eight companies – Bosch Projects, Bosch Munitech, Bosch Ulwazi, Bosch Capital, Bosch Engenharia, Booker Tate, Bosch East Africa and Bosch Trading – all offering specialist services.

Bosch Projects provides consulting engineering and project management services to diverse sectors, including industrial plants, water and wastewater, roads, urban developments and buildings, as well as ports and terminals, the sugar sector and agriculture. Bosch Projects also designs and supplies a unique range of process production equipment to the global sugar industry.

Bosch Munitech provides specialist “reality capture” services, consisting of underground utility detection, 3D laser scanning and material thickness testing.

Bosch Ulwazi, which facilitates the advancement of engineering skills. The company provides solutions for engineer development and technical training, as well as supplier/enterprise and socio-economic development. Through Bosch Ulwazi’s enterprise development programme, the Group strives to develop black-owned businesses that operate in the engineering sector. Recent expansion of Bosch Ulwazi’s services now include consulting engineering solutions.

Bosch Capital provides a range of financial advisory services, including corporate finance and project finance advisory, capital raising and investment facilitation for public and private sector projects and transactions. The company’s delivery model combines financial expertise, with the Group’s engineering capabilities, to deliver integrated and customised solutions.

The establishment in 2008 of the Group’s first foreign subsidiary, in Brazil – Bosch Engenharia – was a significant milestone, creating new opportunities for the company to offer enhanced engineering services to include multidisciplinary engineering, equipment supply and plant operations management in South, Central and North America’s.

The Group’s carefully structured global growth strategy has also seen the establishment of Bosch East Africa in Kenya and the acquisition of Booker Tate Limited in the UK.

The Bosch East Africa team, which is based in Nairobi, is well-positioned to lead projects in and beyond Kenya with professional services including mechanical and electrical engineering, building services, project and construction management.

Booker Tate in the UK, is a leading global agri-business consultancy that specialises in bringing agricultural projects to realisation. Over five decades Booker Tate has developed recognised world class competencies in conceptualising, implementing and professionally managing large-scale renewable resource production systems.

Bosch Trading offers a customised solutions service to clients looking to improve the efficiencies of sugar and ethanol factories in Brazil and Central America. The company acquires and supplies both new and refurbished plant and equipment from Brazil on an international basis.

With the Bosch Holdings team’s steadfast commitment to excellence, the highest standards of service delivery and to uplifting the quality of life for the people of South Africa, the company is set to celebrate many more milestones 60 years from now.


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