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Bosch Projects – with over 55 years experience in the sugar sector – offers a comprehensive service globally, which encompasses strategic planning and feasibility studies, sugar technology development, project structuring and funding, as well as plant design and engineering, project delivery, operational support and training.

Bosch Projects designs and supplies a full range of sugar processing equipment, from front-end cane preparation and juice extraction, through to sugar production.


Bosch Projects – Lamella Clarifier mixed juice inlet

“The company has recently developed the Lamella Clarifier, which utilises a series of inclined plates for fast, effective particle separation and settling”, explains Steve Rosettenstein, Sector Director: Sugar, Bosch Projects. “Our research and development department, which is constantly improving efficiencies of existing equipment and developing new systems, has developed the Lamella Clarifier especially for the sugar industry, to satisfy a demand for short retention clarification.

“Although various lamella clarifier systems are well-established in water treatment applications, this technology is new in sugar processing and is especially effective for juice, syrup and refinery phosphation clarification. The Bosch Projects system is much smaller than conventional clarifiers and substantially reduces liquor retention times.”

The design of this new settling Lamella Clarifier reduces the size and footprint of conventional juice clarifiers by approximately 30%, significantly lowering capital investment costs. Important features include short residence times, reduced sucrose degradation and improved turbidity removal. This highly efficient system, which operates with no moving parts, requires minimal maintenance.

The syrup clarifier is similar in design to the juice version, except that it operates as a flotation clarifier, as opposed to settling. This unit is particularly attractive for clients who require improved sugar quality, with a lower investment cost.

The syrup lamella clarifier can be switched on and off as desired when syrup qualities are low and it can be easily installed inside an existing factory, due to its relatively small size, in comparison with a conventional syrup clarifier. It has all the other advantages of its juice counterpart.

The Bosch Projects team works closely with its technology partners and various fabricators throughout the world, to ensure the manufacture of all equipment adheres to stringent international quality standards and exact design specifications. The company has an extensive network of offices in Africa, South and Central America and the United Kingdom.


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