Bosch Rexroth Africa Development empowers DRC-based partner with product training

In its commitment to provide ongoing support and training to its partners across Africa, Bosch Rexroth Africa Development facilitated training to its distributor NAMAF Consulting in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The training included an introduction to Bosch Rexroth company, Hägglunds Drive Systems, as well as its product portfolio and applications. This session, which was carried out on 21 October 2021, was presented by Hägglunds Sales Engineer, Akis Muepu. 

Bosch Rexroth Africa Development (BRAD) recently facilitated Hagglunds Drive Systems training for its distribution partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), NAMAF Consulting. The session was presented by Hagglunds Sales Engineer, Akis Muepu, with support from the BRAD team.

An additional objective of the training was to expand the scope of supply that can be achieved through the Bosch Rexroth Group of Companies to end users in the DRC. The training enables NAMAF Consulting to identify future projects and to supply a complete service to its customers.

Bosch Rexroth Africa Development assisted with the communication and planning of the session which was conducted in French. “We designed the training session with the objective of sharing knowledge with the NAMAF team, specifically on hydraulic drives and Hägglunds products,” explains Craig Walkden, Systems Sales Technician, Hytec South Africa. “The training not only develops partner skills but ensures a productive and effective partnership with the Bosch Rexroth Group,” Walkden elaborates.

NAMAF Consulting is the Authorised Distributor of Bosch Rexroth SA Group hydraulic, pneumatic and automation products in the DRC. Bosch Rexroth Africa Development, formerly Hytec Services Africa, is a Bosch Rexroth SA Group Company.


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