Celebrating Youth – Armed with a plan and ambition sets Anelisa on his way


Youth Month allows Engen to reflect on the ongoing assistance it provides gifted South Africans like Anelisa Gazi who is fast developing into a business leader of tomorrow via the company’s graduate development programme. 

Anelisa Gazi

Hailing from Khayelitsha in Cape Town, Anelisa matriculated from Thembelihle Senior Secondary before completing a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Taxation cum laude at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. 

Despite a less than ideal childhood, Anelisa marched against the grain and surprised his family when he was accepted into university.  

“Throughout my schooling, I stayed with my uncle and basically brought myself up as he is a taxi driver and works irregular hours and I received very little support from my family who live in the Eastern Cape,” recounts Anelisa. 

Reflecting on the significance of 16 June in our country’s history, Anelisa advises the country’s youth to remember that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure.   

“It’s not our darkness but our light that most frightens us and as we let each one of our light’s shine, we are unconsciously giving others the opportunity to do the same because we were all meant to shine.” 

And his biggest concern about the world today?  

“A lack of humility! It seems many people work for financial gain only, rather than helping or contributing towards making the world a better place.” 

Anelisa however believes that the world is full of opportunities.   

“With a great plan and enough ambition, we can all achieve all our goals.” 

 After fulfilling his dream of attending university, Anelisa graduated and was accepted on to Engen’s prestigious graduate development programme. 

The Engen Graduate Development Programme sees graduates spend time across a broad range of business functions.   

To date Anelisa has worked in Engen’s Fixed Asset Team and in the Tax Department as a graduate trainee. 

He remains fascinated about the petroleum industry and how this crucial section of the economy works. 

“I never imagined myself working for one of the petroleum industry leaders! 

“It was an exciting opportunity for me to join Engen and see how I can contribute to making the value chain more effective and efficient, so that ultimately real value is added to the end customer.” 

As a graduate trainee at Engen, he is discovering where he best fits in within the company.  

“I really appreciate the company’s culture and beliefs – they put their money into growing people skills, while the leadership style adopted by top management is indicative of how the company puts its employees first and creates a space for everyone to learn and grow as individuals.” 

So, what is Anelisa’s greatest ambition?   

“I really want to touch people’s lives. I don’t want to say change people’s lives because I feel like it’s up to each individual to change their own lives, but what I can do, is assist them in the process of changing their lives.” 

Continuing to attract and grow talented young minds like Anelisa Gazi, demonstrates Engen’s ongoing commitment to developing our countries future experts and leaders.   

In 2020, the company invested R9.8 million in Learnerships and Bursaries. They also continue to provide supplementary Maths, Science and Technology tuition to approximately 1 800 under-privileged Grade 10-12 learners across South Africa through the Engen Maths and Science School programme. 

It is why Engen is passionate about progress and seeks to provide opportunities for talented young adults to explore new horizons, reach their goals and shine.   


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