CHRYSO Eco Dust Minimises Dust Emissions

An innovative range of dust suppressants available from CHRYSO

An innovative range of dust suppressants available from CHRYSO Southern Africa, continues to be a gamechanger in the mining and quarrying sectors.

An innovative range of dust suppressants available from CHRYSO Southern Africa, continues to be a gamechanger in the mining and quarrying sectors, providing substantial benefits and enhancing operational efficiency.

CHRYSO Eco Dust has a proven track record as an indispensable tool for industries operating in dusty environments. Michelle Fick, BU Development Manager: Concrete Aesthetics and Key Accounts, at CHRYSO Southern Africa, says this range of dust suppressants offers a comprehensive approach to sealing and maintaining dirt roads, gravel pathways, and other dusty surfaces.

“One of the major advantages of CHRYSO Eco Dust is its cost effectiveness,” Fick says. “Compared to alternatives such as paving or tarred roads, implementing the CHRYSO Eco Dust solution leads to significant cost savings. This is particularly important for operations facing challenging economic times as there is immense value in reducing maintenance expenses while achieving optimal dust control.”

She explains that CHRYSO Eco Dust provides long lasting effects, ensuring that roads and surfaces remain dust-free for extended periods. This characteristic is crucial in industries where regular maintenance and constant dust suppression efforts are time consuming and costly. By reducing the frequency of reapplication, CHRYSO Eco Dust streamlines operations and minimises disruption to daily activities.

Another major advantage offered by CHRYSO Eco Dust is its eco-friendly nature. The product is designed to be environmentally sustainable, with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and UV resistance. Industries, especially those subject to stringent health, safety, and environmental regulations, have welcomed CHRYSO Eco Dust as a viable solution to ensure compliance while minimising their ecological footprint.

Fick is quick to point out that CHRYSO Eco Dust has gained traction in mining and quarrying operations. “These industries, which are often located in environmentally sensitive areas, face increasing pressure to minimise dust emissions and their impact on surrounding communities. CHRYSO Eco Dust not only helps meet regulatory requirements but also significantly reduces fuel and water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions associated with traditional dust control methods, such as water tanker spraying. The result is a greener and more sustainable approach to dust suppression.”

Sealing a road with CHRYSO Eco Dust
Sealing a road with CHRYSO Eco Dust

Moreover, CHRYSO Eco Dust improves overall safety in dusty environments. By minimising dust particles in the air, visibility is enhanced thereby reducing the risk of accidents. The improved road gripping also enhances traction for vehicles, further contributing to safety and preventing potential mishaps.

CHRYSO Southern Africa’s commitment to providing a comprehensive solution extends beyond mining and quarrying. The versatile applications of CHRYSO Eco Dust have made it a preferred choice in cement plants, precast yards, building sites, farms, game reserves, rural airfields and other areas where dirt roads and dusty surfaces require sealing and maintenance. Even less developed residential areas and sandy football pitches can benefit from the long lasting effects of CHRYSO Eco Dust.


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