ClickOn drives world-first innovations in visitor-access systems

From innovations such as having developed the world’s first GSM-based visitor access system, to the invention of SMS pre-clearance codes, and being the first security access specialist to adopt cloud technology, ClickOn Communications of Pretoria has progressed to the point where 800 000 users interact with its systems on a daily basis.

Such has been the success of the company that it currently has nearly 500 systems in operation in Gauteng alone, and is now expanding into the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, ClickOn Communications Marketing Director Mark Watt reveals.

A skilled engineering team has designed the company’s proprietary systems for high-volume use in arduous operating environments, while all components are manufactured in-house to ensure quality and a rapid turnaround time for any repairs or service requests. “Only the best materials and the latest manufacturing techniques are used,” Watt affirms.

ClickOn Communications offers a range of security access services to residential estates, business parks, and a number of prestigious golf estates and mega residential developments situated around the country.

These services include visitor access management; contractor access management; design, manufacturing and installation; and remote off-site monitoring. Clients can take advantage of a unique rental-based model that slashes the initial investment costs dramatically, as well as ensuring that they have access to the most up-to-date technology. Itemised billing ensures transparency of all costs incurred.

“We offer a single integrated solution that allows for fast and accurate processing of visitors and residents, and even contractors,” Watt explains. An innovative licence-scanning system captures all driver details, which are displayed on screen for quick visual identification. In addition, the vehicle’s licence disk is also scanned to verify the registration number, make, model, and colour.

This information is then logged against the specific person granted access, who is issued with a printed access pass that is only valid for a single visit. “Our service subsequently provides a strong deterrent against criminal intent, with all visitor and vehicle information stored in the cloud, and only accessible by authorised users,” Watt points out.

The service includes 24/7 maintenance, with same-day replacement of any faulty equipment. Any upgrades are included automatically to ensure that the system remains future-proof, and in line with the latest trends and developments in security access and control.

ClickOn Visitor Management consists of a dialling system, a visitor pre-clearance facility, and a driver and vehicle licence scanner. An added security feature of the system is that it cannot be overridden without prior notification.

In the event of an unannounced visitor, the process begins with the relevant resident being called to provide verification. An access pass is then printed, the driver’s licence and vehicle disk are scanned, and the access pass code entered on the ClickOn keypad in order to open the boom. The exact same access pass code has to be used to exit the estate.

Visitors can also be pre-cleared by the resident requesting a pre-clearance code via SMS, which is entered upon the keypad when the visitor arrives. The same process is then followed, with an access pass printed for confirmation of entry and exit.

ClickOn Resident Access encompasses Sagem biometric access control, industrial ClickOn keypad card readers, code-hopping remote controls, and a cloud access control server.

“We have a dedicated team of developers and electronic hardware engineers that constantly improves on our service offering with new products,” Watt reveals. Latest developments in this regard include a new biometric cloud interface; a new bulk messaging and email platform; HTML 5 mobile integration; management dashboard widgets, access graphs, and drilldown reporting; and a resident mobile application incorporating resident portal access.

Watt is particularly excited at the team’s development of the necessary hardware to accommodate the long-awaited ClickOn Connect app, which represents another innovative first for the company. “The app is particularly beneficial in terms of secure access control in that arrival and departure notifications for both residents and visitors can be received via smartphone,” Watt concludes. It is anticipated that the app will ultimately form the basis of an integrated estate access and communications platform.

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