Compact SKF Multilog IMx-8 sets the benchmark in machine health monitoring


The compact Multilog IMx-8 from SKF

The sophisticated and affordable Multilog IMx-8 from bearing and rotating specialist, SKF, delivers reliable, fit-for-purpose machine health monitoring to a diverse range of industrial applications.

Forming part of SKF’s highly popular IMx-16 and -32 channel condition monitoring platforms, this latest 8-channel unit was initially targeted at the offshore wind and marine sectors. But now the versatile and easy-to-use device is also able to cater to a much wider industrial user base. In addition to being ideally suited for mechanical and fluid power train applications, the combination of an ‘Event Capture’ feature will appeal to machine tool users who require a cost-effective crash-detection capability.

Thanks to its compact design, the DIN-rail mounting 8-channel IMx-8 can be easily installed into instrument cabinet enclosures. This suitably housing makes the unit ideal for space-restricted applications such as small-size marine thruster pods or direct-drive wind turbines where instruments often need to be located as close as possible to the monitored machinery.

Installation of the IMx-8 is extremely easy and users can set up the system with little or no previous experience thanks to the unit’s Ethernet power and communications as well as the app-based configuration interface.

Stand-alone monitoring and logging of large amounts of data is achieved through the IMx-8’s greatly enhanced internal memory of 4GB compared to the 8MB of previous models. This is particularly beneficial for remote applications where routine site maintenance visits are infrequent. In addition, data can be easily accessed for analysis following a critical event.

The compact Multilog IMx-8 from SKF

“Customer feedback confirms many applications require less than the 16 channels offered by our existing Multilog IMx solutions. The IMx-8 now offers a more compact, versatile means of monitoring rotating machinery and this cost effective, reduced channel online system fills a large gap in the market, offering new features, functionality and flexibility not available anywhere else,” concludes Freddy Hernandez, SKF ‎Product Line Manager, Surveillance Systems.

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