Compact, Universal, and Efficient -The Next Generation of Purge and Pressurization Systems

The Next Generation of Purge and Pressurization Systems

With the innovative Bebco EPS® 7500 series, Pepperl+Fuchs is launching a purge and pressurization system for Zone 2/22 and Class I/II, Division 2 that can be put to universal use. The new solution offers all the functions of a truly global system in a cost-effective and extremely compact housing.

Companies operating on a global scale place high demands on the explosion-protection components used in their subsidiaries. This is particularly true of OEMs who cater to clients around the world. Take, for example, the case of a manufacturer of agitator systems that needed to provide customers with universal solutions for Zone 2/22. These agitators are used to mix substances for the pharmaceutical industry, for example, which creates hazardous dust and gas atmospheres. In these hazardous areas it became necessary to install switch boxes that could house devices with high power dissipation, such as frequency converters Using Ex-d enclosures as a solution was out of the question. What’s more, the customer wanted to be able to operate the system directly on-site at the plant itself, meaning the switch boxes could not be installed outside of the hazardous areas. Another crucial requirement was that customers all around the world needed to be able to use it. So when it came to implementing a solution for the switch boxes, the choice was clear: the manufacturer opted in favor of a new generation of purge and pressurization systems.


Economical Solution with Global Approval

Pepperl+Fuchs developed the new Bebco EPS 7500 series specifically with market and customer requirements such as these in mind. The purge and pressurization system is approved for Zone 2/22 and Class I/II, Division 2 and can be used universally in process plants around the world. The system is made up of an ultra-compact, robust control unit, an enclosure protection vent, and a valve. The innovative purge system is designed for enclosures of up to 12.7 m³ and thus covers most potential requirements of purge and pressurization systems and switch cabinet solutions in the field of process automation. “The new and compact 7500 series is easy to operate and incredibly reliable and efficient. It offers an excellent degree of protection for electrical devices such as motors, drives, control panels, control cabinets, and gas analyzers, and does so fully automatically,” says Kristen Barbour, Marketing Manager at Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. “Be it for gas or dust protection in the oil and gas, chemical, shipping, or offshore industries, the Bebco EPS® 7500 series can be used for applications in the process industry around the world—applications that previously required a less practical and more expensive form of explosion protection.”

A crucial prerequisite for this global application is the fact that the 7500 series is operated using a universal AC/DC voltage supply unit, meaning the system covers all voltages from 90 to 253 VAC and 18 to 33 VDC.  It also has all the necessary international certifications from independent testing authorities such as ATEX, IECEx, NEC, and CEC. For OEMs and other companies with subsidiaries around the world, the solution makes it possible to install a single system that can be used worldwide—a major advantage. This greatly reduces the logistical and technical planning effort of these global players and provides universal explosion protection that meets the various requirements of the different regions.

The new purge and pressurization system can be operated both fully automatically and manually. It prevents dangerous gases and dusts from entering the enclosure, and monitors—or rather controls—the pressure through dilution and maintaining a continuous flow. That way, the classification inside a protected switch cabinet is reduced to that of a non-hazardous area. The user can set up to four pressure points in five programs available for selection. As soon as the pressure drops below a defined limit, the system sounds an alarm. If the pressure drops due to a fault, the plant will automatically disconnect from the network without the need for manual intervention, eliminating potentially dangerous situations from occurring. If defective cable glands or seals are the cause of the drop in pressure in the switch cabinet, again, not only is an alarm triggered, but the pressure can also be temporarily compensated due to built-in leakage compensation technology. This allows the operator to respond to the fault accordingly before it leads to a failure or a dangerous situation.

Ultra-Compact and Easy to Operate

The extremely compact housing of the control unit measures just 150 x 100 x 50 mm and is made of powder-coated aluminum. The robust device is therefore perfectly designed to withstand the harsh conditions in the process industry and is equally suitable for both panel and external mounting. Despite its small outer dimensions, the unit boasts an extra-large touch screen, ensuring that the status indicator is easy to view and that operations run quickly and easily. The conditions in the enclosure to be purged can be monitored using a combination of bar charts that show the pressure levels and a selection of default programs, allowing for quick adjustment to any situation. Four status LEDs are located next to the display to make it even easier to monitor ongoing operations. These LEDs indicate if the pressure required for operation is present, or whether there is the bare minimum, too little, or too much pressure for operation. The LEDs are visible from a distance of over 20 meters, allowing users to view the status of the purge and pressurization without having to approach the enclosure.

In summary, the new Bebco EPS 7500 series from Pepperl+Fuchs is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of global companies. Thanks to its universal power supply and global approval, this compact and cost-effective solution can be used around the world. A unique system that caters for virtually all scenarios in the field of purge and pressurization.

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