Dekra Industrial’s five million serious injury-free man hours milestone achievement

• Carina Brink-Kleinhans, Health, safety and Environment (HSE) Manager at Dekra Industrial

DEKRA Industrial recently reached a major milestone, achieving five million serious injury-free man hours of operational safety. This milestone achievement is testament to the fact that as 96-year old global safety stalwart, the company is leading by example. And many more safe hours are on the horizon! DEKRA Industrial’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager Carina Brink-Kleinhans, discusses this very special achievement:

“We really ‘walk the talk’ at DEKRA Industrial! Our primary purpose is to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all staff and that of our valued clients too. This achievement therefore reaffirms our commitment to the utmost safety across the board, on any project or contract that we undertake,” says Brink-Kleinhans.

She continues: “For our current clients, this is also a great reassurance that we are serious about their safety, and that of their staff and projects. To our future clients, it assures them that the systems we are implementing are practical and effective. In reaching the five million serious injury-free man hours milestone, we can stand up and say that we have proved our ongoing commitment!”

DEKRA Industrial achieved the five million serious injury-free hours target at the end of March 2021. Based on the golden safety rules that the Group employs worldwide, DEKRA Industrial consistently exhibits safety leadership. This includes the identification of potential hazards, defining of safety targets and developing of effective safety programmes. It also includes implementing clear organisational health and safety standards, and investing in people and training in order to ensure adherence to these on an ongoing basis.

“A great part of our success is that the people we work with are proud to be part of the DEKRA Industrial family. This has a benefical ‘knock-on’ effect in terms of their ‘buy-in’ to our safety culture, and that of our clients’. We are open about discussion, collaboration and participation from everyone involved. Our next target is six million serious injury-free man hours, which we hope to reach by the end of this year. And I am confident that our collaborative, innovative ethos will help us get there,” concludes Brink-Kleinhans. 

About Dekra Industrial and Dekra Institute of Learning

With 96 years in the industry through its global parent company, Dekra Industrial SA has established a formidable reputation as a leader in inspection services, non-destructive testing (NDT), material testing, laboratory services, Advanced NDT, and asset integrity services, and offers industry training through Dekra Institute of Learning. With a group presence in more than 50 countries on five continents, Dekra Industrial RSA is committed to providing professional and innovative safety solutions across a multitude of industries, including power generation, oil and gas, construction, petrochemical, manufacturing, fabrication, pulp and paper, rail, mining, steel industry and foundries, within South Africa and pan-Africa.

Dekra Industrial RSA is Level 3 B-BBEE-compliant, with 51 percent black woman ownership, and is in the process of becoming RD 0034 compliant, an important nuclear safety compliance standard. The business is also one of the few NDT companies locally to hold ISO 45001 certification.

Dekra Institute of Learning is QCTO-accredited and delivers an internet learning service across all industries, in both public and private sectors, with training pitched to all levels of competency, focusing on HSE, ISO and CPD-aligned courses. Classroom-based and distance learning are also available.

Dekra Industrial strives to be recognised as the ‘heroes of safety’.

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