2019 marks the double century of Demag, which started from humble beginnings in the town of Wetter in Germany in 1819 by Friedrich Harkort. He was an early prominent German industrialist and pioneer of industrial development in the Ruhr region. Under the name Mechanische Werkstatten Harkort & Co he founded the first industrial workshop at Castle Wetter, producing steam engines and gas light equipment.

The onset of the Industrial Revolution was crucial to the success of the company and its production of steam engines, steel works and rolling mills. The growing need for mechanization led them to become the first crane manufacturing company in Germany.

demag-cranes-celebrates-200th-anniversaryThe result of several companies merging was Deutsch Maschinenfabrik AG Co(to become known as Demag). The merging of so many engineering and mechanical manufacturing companies gave Demag a boost to thrive in the equipment manufacturing industry—so much so that production expanded to include crane hoists and electric motors.

Demag’s headquarters today are still situated in Wetter in Germany’s main industrial Ruhr region.

Globally, Demag around the world is implementing the ‘200 Good Deeds Around the World’ initiative. In Southern Africa several events are planned to mark the anniversary.

Demag today is part of the Konecranes group and together they represent a formidable force in the lifting industry worldwide. They are backed by centuries of experience, knowledge and quality and are leaders in the latest innovative crane technology.

Demag, with 60 years  in South Africa, provides cranes (process and universal), hoists (rope, chain and compact) as well as a range of KBK Light Crane Systems. Demag also provides drives, cranes and a wide range of lifting accessories.

Demag’s focus is always on uncompromising quality as well as maximum safety and reliability –to help customers to achieve the best possible performance.

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