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Petroleum products have a long way to go from the drill hole to their final destination. While they pass through the refinery, are transported via pipelines and tankers, stored in terminals, and run through blending procedures, quality controls are needed throughout the entire process.

You can achieve this with Anton Paar’s splash-proof and portable density meter: DMA 35 Ex Petrol. DMA 35 Ex Petrolis made for density and concentration measurement in harsh environments, including outdoor operation, while providing the accuracy you expect from your lab instrument; making it intrinsically safe. The smart oscillator placement makes sure that gas bubbles move to where they can’t affect your result: outside the measuring cell.

DMA 35 Ex Petrol is ready for quick quality and type inspections throughout the whole process. Typical samples that are measured by the DMA 35 Ex Petrol include: – crude oil – diesel and gasoline fuels – lubricants – nitromethane.

Save time and buy DMA 35 Ex Petrol from the Anton Paar Webshop – including ISO 17025 calibration, and have your portable digital density meter in your lab within a matter of days and your traceable density result ready in 3 to 5 seconds.

Buy DMA 35 Ex Petrol online!

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Anton Paar Webshop: Log in and enjoy 24/7 online shopping. Choose your preferred item at the best price available, select your preferred payment option (credit card, pre-payment, or on account), and receive the instrument in your lab within several days.
  • Measurement: Benefit from the quality and reliability of digital on-site density results from only 2 mL of sample in 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Data transfer: Wireless data exchange with a PC (csv or txt format) and data export to a printer via Bluetooth® for convenient data handling in the field – no extra software required
  • ISO 17025 calibration: If you choose to additionally acquire an ISO 17025 calibration, your equipment is traceable to the International System of Units (SI) and your density results are globally comparable.
  • Maintenance: No expensive electrical wearing parts: You can easily do all cleaning and maintenance work yourself
  • Service: Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle with a 3-year warranty

For more info, please contact:

Anton Paar Southern Africa – Product Manager for Viscometry: Rick Vosloo


Tel: +27 82 902 7666 / +27 10 443 0950

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