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Economical magnetic-inductive flowmeters

INSTROTECH now offers Kobold’s MIK, a compact, magnetic-inductive flowmeter, combining a large measuring range, from at 0.01 l/min and currently to 700 l/min, and six different measuring tube sizes, from G ½ male to G 2 ¾ male; perfect for users with smaller to medium-sized measuring ranges.  MIK measures the flow rates of electrically conductive liquids with a high degree of precision and is not influenced by the medium or its material characteristics (density, viscosity, or temperature). Particular advantages include uninterrupted flow of the medium, no moving parts, and installation in any position desired.


MIK has various material combinations for different media in the chemical industry. Flow housings are available in PPS with stainless steel electrodes and PVDF with Hastelloy electrodes. For extremely aggressive liquids, a combination of PVDF and Tantalum is used. A variety of seals are available in NBR, FPM, or the highly chemically resistant FFKM. Installation is quick and easy thanks to practical material-specific connection possibilities, such as PVC glue-in, stainless steel weld-on or PVC hose connections.

Characteristics include:

·         Range from liquids, acids and caustic solutions: 0.01-0.5 … 36-700 l/min

·         Accuracy: +2.0% of full scale

·         Pressure max: 10 bar; Temp max: 80 °C

·         Advantages: no moving parts in the measuring tube; low pressure loss; any mounting position; short reaction time (a replacement for calorimetric flow switch)

MIK applications include the monitoring of additives or cooling agents, totalizing, or batching, the devices which use the magnetic-inductive principle of measurement, are an optimum and cost-effective solution.  Matching electronics are offered for various tasks, from designs with only switching or analogue output to those with counting and dosing electronics. Contact INSTROTECH for more information on Kobold’s MIK Compact, magnetic-inductive flowmeter on 010 595 1831 or sales@instrotech.co.za


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