Energas moves into a new, larger facility


Energas has moved to a new larger facility in the industrial hub of Jet Park

To meet the growing industry demand for own power generation solutions, Energas has moved to a new, larger facility in the industrial hub of Jet Park. 

Energas has moved to a new larger facility in the industrial hub of Jet Park

In April this year, Energas moved from 6 Bravo Road in Jet Park, to a new facility at 4 Estee Ackerman Street, Jet Park. Product Manager Laetitia Jansen van Vuuren says that the new facility is much bigger than the previous one, and offers more workshop and office space.

Commenting on the reasons behind the move, Van Vuuren says load shedding and increasing electricity tariffs are pressuring the industry to look at alternative energy sources that are more reliable and cost-effective. Energas, she says, has been a leading supplier of high-end and specialised equipment to the natural gas industries in southern Africa and is stepping up to meet the industry’s need for gas-to-power solutions.

“We are positioned to offer cost saving solutions to the industry, given our ability to combine power generation with heat recovery and gas heating systems,” she says. “We, therefore, moved to a new, larger facility to meet this growing industry demand. The new facility provides enough workshop space for large-scale projects. It also offers ample space for an expected increase in personnel to improve quality, delivery and performance. Providing innovative turnkey solutions and services to our customers is a key value that ensures Energas meets its business objectives.”

Van Vuuren adds that piped gas from Mozambique was previously the only source of natural gas to South Africa, which placed a cap on natural gas’ growth potential in South Africa. “A major disadvantage was that only industries positioned close to the pipe network could benefit from using gas. However, with Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) on the map for South Africa, it opens a lot of opportunities to businesses that are not located close to gas pipelines. With the new facility, Energas is better positioned to offer engineering solutions to the growing gas market in South Africa,” concludes Van Vuuren.

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