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“Women’s Month allows me to reflect on how proud I am to be a woman and recognise the progress I’ve made in my career and personal life,” says Wendy Alerson, a Senior Process Technician at the Engen Refinery in South Durban. 

Speaking out to mark national Women’s Month in South Africa, Wendy’s message to her sisters across the country is to “be a strong so that your daughter will have a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman when he is a man.” 

The Wentworth resident says her family plays an important role in her life and has helped shape the person she is today.  

“My greatest achievement is being a mom and I’m most proud of my kids, my love for them is what gives me strength,” she says. 

Wendy lives by the philosophy “To do what you choose with your life, as long as it makes you happy and causes no harm to others.” 

She credits Engen’s famous Engen Maths and Science School (EMSS) programme for placing her on a career path that is fulfilling and enjoyable. 

“I managed to secure of place in the EMSS held at Fairvale Secondary from grade 10 until I matriculated, which set my life on its successful trajectory,” says Wendy. 

The free supplementary Maths, Science and English classes held every Saturday were especially crucial in her matric year.  

“We were exposed to alternative ways of doing calculations and this highlighted that there’s always a solution to a problem,” reflects Wendy.  

“We had excellent teachers who all had such a passion for what they do and that made learning so much easier.” 

Wendy Alerson

Wendy joined Engen 13 years ago as a Process Technician and today holds a senior position in the Operations Department, something that continues to challenge her every day.  

With Engen’s support, she has taken up the opportunity to further her studies and is currently completing an Environment Management Degree.   

“I have always been interested in the Petrochemical industry which is why I joined Engen.  

“Initially it was tough working in a male dominant industry, especially fitting in and being heard, but I am proud of my achievements and the progress I have made.” 

For Engen, August being Women’s Month, is the perfect time to acknowledge the skill and determination of a powerhouse such as Wendy Alerson. 

This Women’s Month, Engen congratulates Wendy for her phenomenal success and salutes all the women of South Africa. 

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