Extended warranty ensures peace of mind for Bobcat skidsteer owners

Skidsteer customers have peace of mind that warranties from Bobcat Equipment South Africa ensure protection against repairs due to any failures in materials or workmanship. In addition, an extended warranty greatly reduces a customer’s exposure to financial risk.

“All Bobcat skidsteers (with the exception of the S18) now include an extended three-year, 4 000 hour warranty at no additional cost to the customer,” reveals National Aftermarket Manager Arina van der Westhuizen.

It also gives customers a higher resale value in that if they decide to sell their equipment, any remaining warranty coverage can be transferred to the next owner. The extended warranty also informs a prospective buyer that the machine has received superior care and maintenance.

Excluding the S18 Bobcat skidsteers now include an extended three-year warranty

“We want to assure our customers of our continued commitment, give them piece of mind around the perceived value of their equipment and combine quality and price in order to increase the value we offer. We strongly believe that providing this to our customers gives us a competitive edge in the market. We are thus continuing with this campaign for as long as the option is there from the OEM, and for as long as we believe that our customers will benefit from it,” comments van der Westhuizen.

Bobcat Equipment South Africa has fully-equipped service centres and qualified technicians to take care of its customers’ maintenance and repair requirements. Proactive maintenance plays a critical role in extending equipment life, and strong aftermarket service is therefore absolutely essential.

“It is no longer sufficient to simply sell equipment and not offer a comprehensive and cost-effective post-sales service offering. Customers pay good money for their machines, and deserve to have peace of mind in knowing that the company that supplied them the equipment will be with them throughout its operating life,” concludes van der Westhuizen.

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