Flexible short-term forklift rental solution from Shumani

Shumani Industrial Equipment’s short-term forklift rental solution offers customers the flexibility they need to navigate current tough economic conditions.    

Shumani Industrial Equipment’s short-term forklift rental solution offers flexible terms of up to 24 months, depending on customer requirements. According to Director Victor Nemukula, the service is a perfect fit for short-term jobs where companies want to meet unplanned or infrequent forklift needs. While it suits several industrial groups, Nemukula sees the short-term rental service as a great fit for the Food & Beverage industry at this stage.


Shumani’s short-term rental comprises of all the leading brand names in the company’s stable including Crown

“We believe that this is one of the most flexible forklift rental option available in the market. It is ideally suited to exact customer needs. Customers don’t have a long-term commitment to the piece of equipment they rent. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, they can terminate the rental agreement anytime even before the end of the agreed term,” explains Nemukula.

The expanded rental fleet from Shumani comprises machines from 1,8 tonnes upwards. It is a mix of all the leading brand names in the company’s stable, including Crown, Doosan, Bendi, Hubtex and Taylor Dunn. The rental service is available across South Africa, but mainly in major cities. Shumani has several branches in all the major industrial hubs, including Durban, Upington, Port Elizabeth, East London, Johannesburg, Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Cape Town.

The short-term forklift rental business is part of Shumani’s extensive service offering, informed by the company’s drive to meet varying customer needs. Shumani offers a comprehensive scope of services, all the way from outright purchases and short and long-term rentals, to full maintenance leases and technical support.

“Our business model is informed by the understanding that in today’s operating conditions, suppliers of equipment must be able to offer different solutions to suit different needs of varying customer groups,” says Nemukula.

The dilemma of buying versus renting often arises when forklift needs are in question. “In many circumstances, when it really is one thing you utilise each day, outright purchasing makes great financial sense. However, if you simply need a forklift only occasionally, like many warehouses, factories and various product handling businesses do, forklift rental makes more sense,” concludes Nemukula.

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