Fluke’s Simplified Safety Compliance Testing

Reduces the risk of shock and arc flash

Comtest is offering Fluke unique tester to the market, in that it sources both ac and dc steady-state voltage for Hi-Z and Lo-Z instruments, thus simplifying safety compliance testing.

The Fluke® PRV240 Proving Unit provides a safe and convenient method for “test before touch” TBT verification of electrical test tools without placing the electrician or technician in potentially hazardous electrical environments, which would generally involve using known live voltage sources.

In contrast to using a known live source, using the PRV240 does not require personal protective equipment (PPE) for tester verification. Use of the PRV240 reduces the risk of shock and arc flash compared to verification of test instruments on high-energy sources in potentially hazardous electrical environments because the PRV240 provides a known voltage in a controlled, low-current state in accordance with safe work practices.


The pocket-sized PRV240 sources 240 V of both ac and dc steady-state voltage for testing of both high- and low-impedance multimeters, clamp meters, and two-pole testers, eliminating both the need for multiple verification tools and the use of a known high-energy voltage source for test instrument verification. To avoid accidental contact, the voltage is supplied through recessed contacts that are activated only when test probes are inserted into the modules insulated access points. A single LED indicates the sourcing of the voltage to verify the test tool, simplifying test tool verification without the need for PPE.


The proving unit can perform up to 5,000 tests per set of four AA batteries and comes with a TPAK magnetic hanging strap for easy accessibility.

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