Fuel-Loc is a locally produced up-and-coming South African petroleum tanker equipment brand. Fuel-Loc has been conceived from the need to have a South African product for the tanker industry to choose from. The belief is that it will allow the industry to select a quality brand that is produced, supported and guaranteed in South Africa. The expectation is to create price stability and dependability in the current climate of volatile exchange rates and trade tariff uncertainties.

Fuel-Loc products are designed by a passionate and experienced group of professionals. Each member of the team has their own specialised and niche set of skills, allowing for the process of product creation and support to benefit from their years of experience and knowledge. Fuel-Loc has partnered with a local engineering services company: Drawing and Fabrication (D&F). This has ensured that Fuel-Loc is able to obtain the quality and reliability that is required in an engineering partner in order to be confident to offer a dependable product that will be of value to the end user.


Main Product Philosophies:

Fuel-Loc products are designed to conform to all major international and local standards and specifications. In addition to this the appropriate and best materials have been selected and used in the manufacture and design of these products. The solutions have been designed with current leading products and installations in mind. This will allow for ease of installation as no modifications will be required to fit the new products.

Why Local Manufacture and Design?

As these products are locally designed and manufactured the end user is able to be actively involved in the entire process. If a customised solution to a specific challenge is required, options can easily be investigated and challenges resolved. Even if it is not a standard product, entire new customer specific solutions can be designed and created.

Why Trust the Brand?

All products are designed and tested in accordance with strict guidelines and understanding of the implications of a malfunction. Manufacturing is done in line with ISO guidelines and full batch inspection is done during manufacturing and assembly.

In closing we would like to encourage future clients to afford us the opportunity to grow with them as we embark on our new journey; hopefully a new journey that will in time become a valuable partnership.

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