Fuelling the Future with FFS: Your Partner in Energy Transition

In a world of change, it’s reassuring to know that some things remain the same. Take FFS, for

instance. We started our business in 1974 and have evolved, innovated, diversified and adapted but always remained committed to providing our customers with unique solutions backed by service excellence. And now we invite you to partner with us in one of our business divisions.

FFS Industrial Energy: Powering Progress Responsibly

At the core of our business is our Industrial Energy division. It’s where our business started nearly 50 years ago and where we will remain to support our customers in their energy requirements today and through their energy transitions in the future. Industry is the backbone to our economy and at FFS we know that traditional heating fuels still power these businesses. With 5 manufacturing sites across the country, we supply industrial heating fuels for thermal applications, including furnaces, boilers, steam production, and other heating processes.

We understand how important it is to balance commercial realities with changing environmental regulations and we are constantly adapting ourselves to meet our customer needs while steering the course toward cleaner energy for industries.

At FFS we’re not just promoting change; we’re leading it and making sure no one gets left behind.


FFS Marine Division: Navigate you through the high seas

Operating out of its own or shared storage facilities in 14 South African ports and harbours, our Marine division was formed to support security of supply to the local marine industry and bunker fuels for international vessels.

An energetic and dynamic team backed by a comprehensive infrastructure of supply and bunkering facilities, FFS has the logistics and physical infrastructure to provide world-class delivery channels to customers in Southern Africa and offers low sulphur (LSMGO), very low sulphur (VLSFO), and high sulphur (HSFO) marine fuels

At FFS we’re not just supplying marine fuels, we’re here to help anchor your business.

FFS Tank Terminals: The Backbone of supply chain

FFS Tank Terminals is an independent bulk liquid storage facility located in Cape Town and Durban Harbour. Our current terminals with a capacity of 58m3 receive and despatch products via vessels and road tankers and we’re responsible for the storage of molasses, vegetable oil, base oil, bitumen, speciality chemicals, and residual fuel oil.

We are currently nearing completion of our exciting 34m3 expansion project at our Durban Terminal which will enable the bulk import of bitumen into the Port of Durban, an essential product in critical road construction projects.

At FFS, we’re not just providing storage; we’re expanding the horizons.

Base Oil Division: Re-refining your Used Lubricating Oils for a golden tomorrow

Imagine a world where used lubricant oils (ULO) are no longer a burden but a resource for good. At FFS, we’re turning that vision into a reality in our Base Oil division and launching our ULO campaign aimed at collecting more ULO than ever before; which translates to fewer pollutants, more sustainability, and a golden path to a cleaner future.

We understand the importance of convenient ULO collection and disposal. That’s why we’ve established a national footprint with five manufacturing sites and nine ULO collection points. These strategic locations are near all major industry and automotive players, ensuring easy access for our clients across South Africa.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just collection and removing the need for sector players to manage ULO themselves. At FFS we are creating a circular economy and closing the loop – collecting, re-refining and producing base oil for lubricant manufacturing.

As an accredited collector and processor of ULO, we’re members of the ROSE Foundation. Our proprietary pre-treatment and hydrotreating processes turn used lubricating oils into base oils of the highest quality, including SN300 Group 1 and even grease.

We aren’t just investing in unparalleled technology; we are investing in the future.

Curious about how you can play a pivotal role in this change? Simply drop us an email at ULO@ffs.co.za, and we’ll guide you every step of the way. It’s a small step for you, but it’s a giant leap for the environment.

Get to Know Us Better

As energy needs transition, FFS stands as a beacon of innovation, reliability, and sustainability. From repurposing ULO to providing traditional and cleaner energy solutions and storage facilities for industries and marine operations, we’re dedicated to positive change.

Join the Movement and partner with FFS in the Energy Revolution

Reach out to us, ask questions, share ideas, and explore our website.

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