Gas pipeline company CEO highlights safety measures in wake of Johannesburg CBD explosion

In light of the speculation surrounding the explosion that occurred on Bree Street in the Johannesburg CBD on 19 July 2023, the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) CEO Mlandzeni Boyce has issued a statement concerning the safety of gas pipelines and if a gas pipeline could have been the cause of this event.

Please note that this statement does not speak on behalf of any entity other than ROMPCO, and that ROMPCO is not linked to the gas pipeline in question in this incident. Egoli Gas has issued an official media statement confirming that the explosion on Bree Street was not caused by a leak or damage of its pipeline network.

In terms of the likelihood of a gas explosion, all gas pipeline networks are constantly monitored for pressure changes that may indicate leaks or bursts. A significant pressure drop would be observed in the event of an explosion like the one that happened in Johannesburg this week. In this instance, the infrastructure would be compromised, which would impact the delivery to customers.

It is important to note that gas distribution or service lines operate at a very low pressure within residential areas to prioritise safety. Hence, the damage resulting from a pipeline burst or rupture would be minimal.

In terms of public concerns about the safety of gas pipelines, gas remains a safe product to use, offering significant benefits to reduce CO2 emissions compared to other fossil fuels like coal and oil. However, high-quality infrastructure and regular maintenance are important to ensure gas safety, with pipeline inspections playing a critical role.

As investigations continue into what caused the event, ROMPCO highlights the measures in place to ensure gas safety and its commitment to maintaining high standards in gas infrastructure management.


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