GLTC offers cost-effective used and rental solutions to the agribusiness community

At a time when the agribusiness community in South Africa is looking for ways to reduce the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Goscor Lift Truck Company’s used and rental solutions offer cost-effective capital equipment options to the farming community.

“We have pre-owned and rental units, and these are available with short lead times to accommodate farmers who have immediate materials handling equipment (MHE) needs,” says Patrick Barber, Sales Director at GLTC.

As the costs of doing business keeps rising, especially in constrained economic conditions, the thought of purchasing new MHE may be out of reach for many. To survive the tide of such a downward economic cycle, GLTC has in recent years identified the need to offer machine rebuilding services for the full range of forklift products in its stable, allowing customers to extend the lifecycles of their existing units, or to buy refurbished units that have the same capabilities of a new unit, but coming at a much lower price.

“We established our dedicated Rebuild Centre in March 2017, which is purely focused on refurbishing ex-long term rental units. This was a timely investment in the sense that equipment rebuilds are a growing trend, not only in the MHE industry, but across the capital equipment sector at large. We have already seen a big jump in our used sales since the development of the Rebuild Centre,” explains Barber.

GLTC’s refurbishment division has already proven its ability to make previously used machines as good as new. All refurbishments are completed in-house by experienced technicians and close attention is paid to the quality and long-term utility as each component receives the necessary attention to increase the lifetime.

GLTC’s rebuild programme gives agribusiness customers the opportunity to save as much as 50% over buying new, while having the assurance that their refurbished machines will operate at peak capacity. When it comes to the lifetime of refurbished forklifts, depending on the original age of the truck the application hours worked, one can get an additional 3 years or 6 000 hours from their refurbished unit.    


Flexible rental solutions

GLTC’s forklift rental service provides the farming community with the flexibility they need to execute their projects. The flexibility of GLTC’s rental solution, complemented by competitive rental rates and superior aftersales service, make the offering a cut above the rest. Proof of customers’ trust in GLTC’s rental solution is a strong 90% client retention.

“The benefit of renting from GLTC is twofold: firstly, we offer full-time, skilled service personnel, and, secondly, we keep a large inventory of parts to service the equipment,” explains Barber.

Service excellence is at the centre of GLTC’s operational philosophy, and its team of professionals is passionate about building long-lasting business partnerships with all the various stakeholders.

“Our promise to the customer:  If we can’t repair a machine within 24 hours of a reported breakdown, we will replace the rental machine at no extra cost to the customer (subject to Terms and Conditions),” he adds.

To help farmers maximise their uptime, GLTC has technical teams strategically placed across South Africa to be able to service and look after clients – whether they are in the city or out in the greater farming communities. “Our units are tried and tested in the South African market. We have numerous blue-chip companies that trust us with their material handling requirements,” says Barber.

“The units we have available are focused on normal day-to-day forklift requirements. We can, however, offer tailor-made solutions, should your application need a more specialised piece of equipment. We will come out to wherever customers are based in South Africa to do a site evaluation and do specific recommendations on their requirements – whether for a specific forklift or any warehousing equipment,” adds Barber.

By virtue of being part of the Goscor Group of Companies, Barber says GLTC can offer a “one stop shop” to its clients. “We offer many solutions to our end user from under one roof – forklifts, cleaning equipment, generators and earthmoving equipment, just to name a few. We aim to ensure that farmers/business owners find it easy to deal with us in order to make their lives and businesses better,” concludes Barber.

The company also offers a full range of pre-owned forklifts, with options that are tailor-made to customer budgets and specific requirements.   Contact GLTC for a consultation on their bespoke solutions.

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