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For brand owners who are prepared to rethink their approach as they look for a competitive edge, there’s a way to avoid the commoditisation trap or, at the very least, differentiate their product’s appearance on shelf.

Do you believe that on-pack communication solutions and devices are reserved just for big brands with big marketing budgets? Do you want to increase brand loyalty and ensure your products get noticed on cluttered retail shelves? Is it your impression that on-pack labels and devices are costly, disruptive to packing lines, and may adversely impact your product’s branding?

With innovative informational, promotional and on-pack identification and track and trace solutions available from Pyrotec, you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact at retail.


Informational and promotional booklet labels

Pyrotec PackMedia’s versatile Fix-a-Form® informational and promotional booklet labels combine a printed booklet with a product label that provides a neat overall packaging aesthetic and vast amounts of space for extra text and graphics. They also eliminate the use of secondary packaging and loose leaflets, all of which cost money and contribute to packaging waste.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels don’t need long lead times to produce and can be tailored to seamlessly fit product packaging in most substrates. They also don’t require changes to packaging lines because they’re supplied on a roll for quick, prime positioning on pack.

Labelling machines

To ensure you have the right labelling machine for the job, Pyrotec PackMark’s technicians will assess your packaging line to determine the best label printer or applicator for your requirements. To avoid capital costs, free-standing units can be hired and integrated into your line. Pyrotec PackMark provides a complete concept to application service, training, and ongoing technical support.

Reduce packaging

Another way to save cost is to lightweight packaging, in other words, reduce the amount of material used while maintaining the pack’s integrity. Pyrotec ParkMedia’s on-pack devices help to reduce packaging by affordably increasing product visibility at retail and enhancing user-friendliness. Devices include:

  • Do-It® Self-Adhesive Hang Tabs
  • Do-It® Display Strips
  • Carry Handles
  • Promotional Bottle Neck Tabs

Go digital

For brand owners looking for digitally printed labels of the highest quality, Pyrotec PackMedia’s Durst Tau 330 RSC eight-colour digital label press and an ABG Digicon Series 3 finishing machine ensure fast turnaround times, short print runs, and eye-catching, consistent print quality.

Brand owners can achieve cost savings because digital printing ensures consistency between reprints with no opportunity for human and set-up errors. Digital printing also means that only the number of labels needed need to be ordered – saving on storage space and ensuring that changes to on-pack product information can be made quickly and with very little waste.

No application requirement is too big or too small for Pyrotec’s specialised teams.

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