Hi-tech tools enable Cummins to safely support customers in Covid-19 pandemic


A suite of high-tech tools called RemoteConnect is enabling Cummins to support customers while maintaining social distancing and travel restrictions implemented during the Covid-19 crisis.

The tools, which allow experts to remotely see what technicians see in the field, were created by the Cummins Care team in 2017, prior to the Covid-19 crisis, to support customers in hard-to-reach locations. Now, with travel discouraged to prevent the spread of the virus, the use of RemoteConnect has increased dramatically, making the tools more important than ever.

“RemoteConnect was created to be an alternative solution when a Cummins subject matter expert cannot be on-site,” says Cummins Care Manager Joe Brooks, who has been leading the initiative since 2017. “This has quickly turned into the only solution to service our customers in certain situations due to Covid-19. RemoteConnect has been a real game-changer during these unprecedented times.”

RemoteConnect is just another way Cummins puts technology and innovation to work for its customers

The suite of tools comes in a kit that looks something like a suitcase and includes safety glasses equipped with a tiny camera that technicians can use to work collaboratively with company experts known as ‘CFSEs’ to diagnose and fix problems. CFSEs can literally see what the technician sees even if they far away.

RemoteConnect quickly demonstrated its ability to improve repair quality while reducing misdiagnosis, un-recoverable labour expenses and, most importantly, customer pain points. The kits have been placed in more than 140 Cummins locations, in the U.S. and Canada, but Cummins Care is working to deploy them elsewhere, too.

Before Covid-19, CFSEs spent a significant time on the road, working with Cummins technicians at a particular Cummins Sales and Service location to collaborate on difficult service work. In addition, they would also collaborate with technicians via RemoteConnect.

When Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, suddenly a simple flight, train or even a car ride to service a customer was no longer a routine option. Many CFSEs discovered RemoteConnect was the next best thing to being there.

While the safety glasses equipped with cameras to live stream two-way audio and visual communication has perhaps the biggest ‘wow’ factor, the kits also include:

RemoteConnect is just another way Cummins puts technology and innovation to work for its customers.

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