High quality simple to use HVAC transmitters and hygrostats


Ensuring an environmentally friendly workplace, cleanroom operation or storage space for specialised products, that meet the most stringent parameters of humidity and temperature measurement can be achieved with the newly launched HVAC40 Thermo-Hygro Transmitter from Delta OHM.

The HVAC40 has a unique design which gives high accuracy, greater connectivity, stability and operational simplicity. Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa, Jan Grobler says “The compact design of the HVAC40 makes the instrument a low maintenance device, whilst giving enhanced stability, a factor that is critical to the optimal performance of HVAC and building automation systems”.

“The well-designed LED display on the HVAC40 makes it easy for technicians to note the health state of the HVAC system and immediately address any alarm activations. Versions with 4-digit LCD display (option L) are available, which allow the measured parameters to be displayed” said Grobler.


“In the versions with LCD, two LED indicators indicate the presence of the power supply and of an eventual alarm condition: exceeding of the set measurements thresholds, in the versions with relay switch output; measurement detected outside the measuring range, in the versions with analog or digital output.

The instruments are factory calibrated and ready for immediate use” he said.

Three models of the Delta OHM HVAC40 can be supplied as a temperature version only or as temperature/humidity/Dewpoint versions. All are available with or without display functions. The models include a wall mounted option with simple integral sensors for room or cabinet measurements; a Monoblock design for electronics and probe combination for duct measurement or an electronic and probe connected by a two-meter cable for duct and remote measurement.

The HVCAC40 series can perform in any environment due to its stainless steel filter that protects the sensor against dust and particles. The main areas of application include HVAC, building automation, cleanrooms, agriculture and humidifiers.

Available outputs are: RS485 Modbus-RTU digital output (HVAC40S17); 0-10V voltage analogue output

(HVAC40V17); 0-20mA/4-20 mA analogue output (HVAC4017); two wire loop 4-20mA analogue output (HVAC40A17) and a on/off relay switch (HVAC40R17).

Grobler concluded “The HVAC40 series are versatile instruments that activate alarms for temperature spikes, and other operational malfunctions, cleanroom environmental measurement, as well as building automation HVAC stability”. “It is the best instrument for the job giving the customer a long-term reliability with minimal maintenance at a cost-effective price”.

Further information is available from: Jan Grobler, Managing Director, Messtechnik South Africa.      Tel: 011 902 0158 email: info@ghm-sa.co.za

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