How Booyco PDS Opens Door To Digital Twin Technology

Booyco Electronics

Booyco Electronics has an extensive footprint of customers facilitating harnessing of technology for digital twin modelling.

Long respected for its contribution to mine safety, Proximity Detection System (PDS) specialist Booyco Electronics has highlighted how data can be leveraged to improve safety on mines while making it more productive and efficient.

“For many years, our PDS have allowed customers to collect data on the movements of their mobile trackless machinery and their personnel,” says Graeme Jardine, Chief Sales Officer at Booyco Electronics. “As the mining sector embraces the power of the digital twin approach, the value of this data is further enhanced as it can now be used to virtually model the optimisation options on a surface mine.”

Jardine explains that modelling allows the benefits of any operational improvements on a mine to be evaluated in advance of implementing them. Changes to existing systems and processes can introduce risks and costs, so it is important for mines to pre-test options as far as possible – quantifying their potential  benefits in advance.

“Using a digital twin – the virtual equivalent of the machine in the field – mines can model a number of proposed scenarios and choose the one that is optimal for their operation,” he says. To illustrate this point, he uses the example that through heat maps created via Booyco’s Electronics Asset Management System (BEAMS) software suite a scenario depicting  haul trucks experiencing excessive standing time waiting to be loaded. The mine can use digital twin modelling to investigate the detailed implications and costs of diverting some trucks to an added excavator or shovel. By quantifying costs and benefits more accurately, an informed  decision can be made, making the best use of the available capital and resources – and positively impacting the bottom line.

Booyco Electronics
Booyco Electronics has an extensive footprint of customers facilitating harnessing of technology for digital twin modelling.

For Booyco Electronics customers, their years of collected data through PDS and the Booyco Electronics Asset Management System (BEAMS) software suite, which is a central information hub linking the proximity detection hardware products with monitoring devices, e.g. control room environment. positions them well to advance with digital twin technology – as this data can now be used to populate a modelling system.

“The modelling process may require an extended period’s worth of data to be input, before the results can be regarded as representative and meaningful,” says Jardine. This means that they will not have to wait months or years to generate the necessary data from scratch. As a leader in this field since 2006, Booyco Electronics is able to leverage its technology to harness the potential of digital twin modelling .

“We have taken many mines through the process of applying PDS technology, and are now well positioned to walk a similar journey with them towards a digital twin value add,” he says.


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