Hydraform’s steadfast customer training regime

As development of its block making technology continues to move at a rapid pace, Hydraform stresses the significance of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) training for customers to get the best out of their machines and maximise productivity.

Training has always been a focal point for end users upon taking delivery of a new machine, and today Hydraform, as a leading alternative building solutions provider, is not only increasing the volume of training, but also evolving the way it delivers its training programmes to meet the changing needs of the industry.


The course syllabus is concluded with the issuing of participation certificates

Steve Tucker, Director at Hydraform International, says the value of OEM training cannot be stressed enough. “OEM training is hugely important as only the OEM will know what to emphasise for the client,” he says. “The OEM also adapts the training to suit the needs of the customer. For us at Hydraform, it is also a way to improve our equipment, getting to know what works and what doesn’t.”

As onsite training continues to gain significance, Hydraform now offers free onsite training to all its M7 buyers. The service was payable back in the days, and for the past two years, it has since been made free for all M7 purchasers. “Training for us is a guarantee that the customer is on the right track to success with their machine,” explains Tucker.

Hydraform has a total of three in-house trainers and six in-country trainers, who have all been extensively trained and have years of in-field experience. The company offers the training in English, French, Swahili and Zulu. The training officers cover the entire continent, and sometimes venture into other continents as well.

“However, the customer will need to pay for the flights, accommodation and food during the trainer’s stay,” says Tucker. “The duration of our onsite training depends on the product but is normally a week to two weeks. If required, we are happy to customise our training and offer extended onsite support sometimes for months to ensure ROI, quality and productivity.”

Tucker reiterates that it’s very important that whenever onsite training is booked, the customer should have everything in place to allow the trainer to commence immediately upon arriving. Trying to put the site together and finding all the tools when the trainer is already on site results in the loss of valuable training time. “It’s also crucial that customers have a young and dedicated team in place to commence with the training,” says Tucker.

Hydraform’s onsite training entails several crucial site parameters such as site setup towards best operation; soil selections; machine maintenance; production; block curing and all the relevant information around construction using the OEM’s alternative building solutions.

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