INFINIDAT Announces Neutrix Cloud 2.0 to Improve Enterprise Cloud Storage

Latest Version of Neutrix Cloud Adds Cross-Regional Data Replication, New Interfaces and Additional Multicloud Integrations

INFINIDAT, the market’s leading independent provider of enterprise-class data storage solutions, has announced the release of Neutrix Cloud 2.0, the latest version of the company’s enterprise-class storage service for multicloud computing. With this new release, Neutrix Cloud will now support cross-regional data replication, a new web-based GUI, voice control with Amazon Alexa and additional cloud integrations.

Neutrix Cloud is a sovereign public cloud storage service that offers file systems and block volumes that are simultaneously accessible from Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS compute environments. Neutrix Cloud is a pure OpEx service and can be employed standalone or with on-premises InfiniBox in hybrid cloud replication mode with an RPO (recovery point objective) as low as 4 seconds. Since initial general availability earlier this year, Neutrix Cloud has continued to add new features, steadily delivering on its roadmap for enterprise-class cloud storage-as-a-service and increasing its impact on the enterprise storage industry.

“With the rise of public cloud services, all enterprises need a neutral storage provider that enables cloud agility for applications and data storage,” said Gregory Touretsky, Senior Director of Product Management at INFINIDAT. “With these latest advancements to Neutrix Cloud, we continue our commitment to storage that works seamlessly with any cloud infrastructure. This next generation of Neutrix Cloud brings more freedom from data gravity to our customers and the business community.”

INFINIDAT Neutrix Cloud 2.0 offers several key new features, including:

  • Cross-regional data replication: Enterprises can use asynchronous replication for disaster recovery (DR) and data protection of cloud storage across Neutrix Cloud regions
  • Web-based GUI: With the new web-based GUI, INFINIDAT provides users with a simple interface for managing file systems, volumes, snapshots and replicas, as well as checking account details, and other higher-level functions.
  • Additional cloud integrations: In addition to its previous interoperability with AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware Cloud on AWS™, INFINIDAT Neutrix Cloud now offers support for automatic Google Cloud connectivity provisioning and connectivity to IBM Cloud.
  • Native cloud management: AWS CloudFormation templates for Neutrix volumes and file systems provisioning.
  • VPN Setup Automation: Ease of use for customers is one of the key design principles for Neutrix. This release allows automatic creation of VPN connections with the selected on-premises firewall vendors.
  • Voice Control with Amazon Alexa: Perform common storage management tasks using just your voice.

All new features are being introduced at no extra charge.

Founded in 2011 by storage industry pioneer Moshe Yanai, INFINIDAT helps customers unlock the full potential of their data. INFINIDAT’s software-focused architecture, an evolution and revolution in data management design over 30 years in the making, solves the conflicting requirements of bigger, faster, and less expensive storage. INFINIDAT technology simultaneously delivers sub-millisecond latency, seven nines of reliability, and hyperscale capacity with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than incumbent storage technologies. For more information, please visit

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