Infinidat Announces “Scale to Win” Storage Vision for the Multi-Petabyte Data Centre to Drive Customers’ Competitive Advantage

Infinidat, the market’s leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, has announced their vision for the future of enterprise-class storage with a focus on empowering customers’ data-driven competitive advantage at multi-petabyte scale. This vision, supported by key new product enhancements and programme releases, reinforces Infinidat’s industry leadership.

At the vanguard of this announcement is the vision for the Infinidat Elastic Data Fabric, components of which are available immediately, with additional components expected to become available in mid-2020. The Infinidat Elastic Data Fabric will build on all of the foundational technologies that power the Infinidat portfolio, with the goal of delivering a fabric supporting seamless workload mobility between systems, data centres, and cloud storage while relegating data migrations to IT’s list of extinct technologies and services.

“Enterprises going through digital transformation need storage solutions that will seamlessly evolve as business requirements change over time. Infinidat’s Elastic Data Fabric announcement lays out their vision for the multi-petabyte, hybrid cloud data centre infrastructure of the future to meet these challenges,” says Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC. “Infinidat has taken a big step forward delivering on that vision today, with new performance and agility capabilities, a new cloud-based predictive analytics platform, and a new general-purpose cloud business model for all their storage platforms.”

Key enabling announcements include:

InfiniVerse is a cloud-based, AI-driven advanced monitoring, predictive analytics and support platform. It includes customisable dashboards for all InfiniBox systems, wherever they reside, as a single system. In-depth insights give customers the ability to identify reclaimable capacity, forecast growth, model performance, and identify configuration issues that might impact performance or availability. At no additional cost to customers, InfiniVerse is available in 2Q2019.

InfiniBox FLX and InfiniGuard FLX are available immediately and provide greater data centre agility by removing the traditional dependencies of hardware planning and management in a cloud-like consumption model. Through all-inclusive subscriptions for on-premises storage and backup, these subscription programmes allow customers to pay for what they use, as they need it – scaling capacity up, or down, as workloads grow, retire, or relocate to other systems. Both programmes provide 100% data availability guarantees and include a full hardware refresh (controllers and media) every 3 years, included in the subscription cost.

InfiniBox Software Release 5, available starting in Q3, includes a series of software enhancements providing performance improvements, Network Lock Manager (NLMv4) for NFSv3 filesystems, Active/Active Replication for 100% data availability, and Non-Disruptive Data Mobility for simplified workload relocation between any two InfiniBox systems. Performance improvements include across-the-board latency reduction, enabling upwards of 2M IOPs and increased throughput up to 25GB per second.

Available in 2Q2019 are new InfiniBox hardware configuration options including 16Gb Fibre Channel, 32Gb FC, and 25Ge. New systems shipping in Q2 will also have future-ready capabilities such as NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) technology, and Storage Class Memory (SCM) to provide faster cache expansion for InfiniBox.

“We’ve been focused on multi-petabyte scale from the beginning, so it’s time we made it clear that we’re leading this market in terms of innovation, execution, and ultimately delivering value to our customers,” adds Brian Carmody, Chief Technology Officer. “With this announcement, we’re putting a stake in the ground, defining the requirements for multi-petabyte storage and offering the absolute best solution today and into the future.”

“Thrive began as a traditional managed service provider, but over the past 4 to 5 years has transitioned to a next-generation service provider,” says Michael Gray, CTO at Thrive. “Storage performance has become an afterthought to us, and from a performance standpoint, we can throw whatever we want at Infinidat. We have multiple petabytes supporting our customers, and we need to be able to offer infinite flexibility, the same kind of elasticity and endless capacity of the public cloud.”


Founded in 2011 by storage industry pioneer Moshe Yanai, INFINIDAT helps customers unlock the full potential of their data. INFINIDAT’s software-focused architecture, an evolution and revolution in data management design over 30 years in the making, solves the conflicting requirements of bigger, faster and more economically transformative. INFINIDAT technology simultaneously delivers sub-millisecond latency, seven nines of reliability, and hyperscale capacity with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than incumbent storage technologies. For more information, visit

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