Innovative lubrication system supplied by SKF and Lincoln Lubrication is eight times faster!

A seamless bearing lubrication solution from SKF, in partnership with Lincoln Lubrication South Africa, has helped to significantly speed up the production line for a key OEM customer and leading local trailer manufacturer and supplier.

The ability to lubricate only one bearing at a time on the production line for heavy duty vehicle trailer axles was causing the manufacturer severe delays. In addition to the impact on customer delivery times, the existing lubrication system for this single component was proving to be very expensive both in terms of time and money as it was not dispensing the correct amount of lubricant at one time; the system was either over lubricating and wasting lubricant or under lubricating which required the process to be repeated.

The innovative lubrication system delivered by SKF and Lincoln Lubrication allows for eight bearings to be pre-lubricated simultaneously. “Our solution enabled our customer to run their bearing pre-lubricant line eight times faster,” says SKF Key Accounts Manager: Commercial Vehicles, Ettienne Schoeman.

The ground-breaking system is powered by a 180kg St. Louis 50:1 Pneumatic grease pump, driving an SSV 8 Progressive distribution block, which delivers 0.2 grams per outlet, per cycle. These outlets are individually connected to each 8 x VKN 550 bearing holders which lubricates 8 x hm 518445 bearings.

The system, implemented in April 2018, is already showing positive results and delivering savings for SKF’s customer. Importantly, the significant increase in production time has led to vastly improved delivery times for the manufacturer. In addition, the correct amount of lubricant is now being dispensed per bearing, significantly reducing lubrication costs.

According to Schoeman the customer reports extreme satisfaction with the system and is now looking for special lubricating systems to fit onto their new trailers which Lincoln Lubrication is also able to supply.

“The success of this lubrication system, the first to be supplied by SKF and Lincoln Lubrication, has strengthened our relationship with our customer,” states Schoeman. “We are extremely proud of this lubrication solution which is in perfect alignment with our relentless focus on providing product and service solutions that contribute to our customers’ productivity and profitability.”

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