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Industrial, manufacturing and scientific Clean Rooms by the very nature of their activities are required to maintain extremely high levels of ‘cleanliness’. This means that it is imperative to monitor differential pressure, temperature and humidity to be compliant with local and international Clean Room regulated standards.

The Delta OHM HD50CR multi-functional Clean Room Logger/Transmitter device offers the user highly accurate Clean Room monitoring measurements from a device designed and manufactured to the best in Italian engineering quality. The HD50CR assures that the correct values for accurate monitoring are documented for quality purposes.

Any measurement recorded out of the requested range will trigger an alarm for immediate and corrective actions to be taken via a predetermined list of email addresses which can be configured upon installation.

“The main advantage of the Delta OHM HD50CR device is its webserver flexibility” said Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa. “Configuring the instrument is very simple, if both connected to the network, this can be done through any device that has been granted access to the instruments webserver, be it a smartphone, PC or laptop” said Grobler.

The system is password protected to eliminate misuse and mistakes and the configuration can also take place offline by connecting the instrument to a PC where the free downloadable software can be installed. The instrument is preset to get a dynamic IP address from the network DHCP server. A static IP address can be set by using the webserver feature of the instrument or the HD35AP-S application software. The IP address is displayed at the end of the list of quantities that can be scrolled by using the “up arrow” key.

With its red, electroluminescent four keys, the HD50CR offers a differential pressure reading range of +- 125P (0.01 Pa Resolution) with an accuracy of +- 0.35% typ. of measuring span. With Zero Drift self calibration and a temperature drift of +- 0.5% typ. of measuring span the device’s units of measurement are

Pa, mmH20, mbar, inH20, mmHg and hPa and is suited for air and natural gas monitoring and measurement.

The instrument will calibrate automatically at regular intervals (default 60 minutes, the interval is configurable) the zero of the differential pressure, temporarily disconnecting the pressure inputs through an internal solenoid valve.

The USB characteristics of the Delta OHM HD50CR are HID type with front mini-USB type B connector, with the RS485 being Modbus-RTU Slave and the Ethernet via a RJ45 connector with wi-fi optional. A variety of measuring/logging intervals are available. There is an also an optional T/RH Probe.

“ The HD50CR provides a perfect solution for the tracking of any out of range values and provides evidence for any quality audit that may be conducted” said Grobler “Delta OHM has developed the HD50CR specifically for Clean Room applications, and optional modules can be provided to meet higher regulations that may be applicable to the pharmaceutical industries. The HD50CR is a perfect and reliable choice to ensure Clean Rooms are fully and accurately monitored to maintain their standards concluded Grobler.

The HD50CR is well suited to Clean Room establishments across all industries, but in particular to laboratories, food and pharmaceutical manufacture, chemical and petrochem.

Further information is available from: Jan Grobler, Managing Director, Messtechnik South Africa.      Tel: 011 902 0158 email:

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