Latest E-Powerline Newsletter- 27 May 2021

  • The Latest African Petrochemicals Publication
  • Allmech
  • Global testing, inspection and certification company strives to create a world of trust
  • Market alert: For genuinely cool performance avoid ‘hot’ fake connectors!
  • Aurex Constructors
  • Used Oil Generators urged to recycle responsibly to protect the environment                             
  • Digitising Agriculture with SICK’s 3D Environment Monitoring Sensors
  • Vega Measurement
  • Introducing ‘climate-smart’ mining on the road to Industry 4.0
  • Two-Gas detection with one small, reliable monitor
  • Anton Paar         
  • TRAFO distributes world-leading temperature control relays        
  • 100 nitrogen generators for the industrial sector and counting as demand surges
  • Lapp                     
  • Training on the correct and safe use of angle grinder consumables offered at PFERD Academy
  • Cummins Arabia announces the official launch of Cummins Kuwait
  • Skyriders Industrial Rope Access
  • Rockwell Automation Addresses the Power of Machine Learning for Predictive Control in Minerals Processing                               
  • Regenerating lubrication oils cuts costs and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Air Products      
  • Blow to local steel industry as Mozambican LNG projects falter  
  • Opinion Piece: The supply chain of the future is purpose-driven and supported by intelligent technology
  • Industry Job openings
  • African Petrochemicals Services
  • And more

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