E-Powerline Newsletter- 21 January 2021

Keep up to date with all the new developments, trending in various industries.

In this edition:

  • BMG advises on how to optimise efficiency and extend the service life of solar-powered pumping systems by selecting the correct drives
  • ‘Get connected’ with genuine parts from Anderson Power Products – putting the power back in the end-user’s hands
  • Chemical pump has set the standard worldwide
  • New Safety Switch from Rockwell Automation Provides Interlocking on All Types of Guard Doors
  • Helping South African power grid brave thunderstorms
  • New smokestack instrumentation a towering success thanks to Skyriders
  • Rand-Air: When Class O means top-class medicine!
  • GETI 2021: petrochemicals professionals believe “new normal” has already arrived

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