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layher- the-scaffolding-systems

The Company

Layher, the world’s largest producer of high-quality system scaffolding, was established as a family company in 1945 in Eibensbach, Germany.

Over the years, Layher has pioneered the development of advanced scaffolding systems and is consistently at the forefront of innovation, safety and quality.

South African subsidiary, Layher (Pty) Ltd, has been based in Johannesburg since 2011 and provides safety, simplicity and proximity in training and innovation.

Proudly recognised as the world’s no. 1 system scaffold designers and manufacturers, Layher’s exceptional quality in production, wide availability of stock, highly qualified and experienced technical support and on-site services are unmatched in the industry.

layher- the-scaffolding-systems

Layher In Kwa-Zulu Natal

The Layher Allround Scaffolding® system has been in use in Durban ever since one of our national key points sought a safe, economical and efficient solution to maintaining a Three Cut Splitter column in 2018. Layher’s high-quality Allround system partnered with industry leaders Southey Contracting, made this a possibility by drastically reducing the total weight and cutting costs on crane usage.

The Allround system efficiently reduced risk with its lighter material, ensured safety through ease of construction and saved time and money owing to the material’s versatility while our Layher engineers provided technical support and guidance throughout the assembly process.

layher- the-scaffolding-systems

Currently, TMS Industrial Services is providing routine maintenance and emergency scaffolds, using the Layher Allround Scaffolding® System. It was necessary to provide access to vessel equipment and tanks for ongoing maintenance support on electrical instrumentation, mechanical, routine inspection on pipes and painting and insulation repairs.

After 3 years of providing the national key point in KwaZulu-Natal with scaffolding innovation, Layher South Africa opens the doors of their brand-new warehouse in Pinetown, Durban on the 1st September 2021. This is an extension of our commitment to our clients and their future through onsite support, long-term savings with lighter weights that reduce labour, safety features that reduce risk, and engineering planning that increased productivity.

More than material, consider us your partner for the journey ahead.

The company’s versatility and high standards of engineering and service provision mean that profitability and safety are not contradictory.

Layher South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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