Legrand acquires Netatmo – a leading smart home automation company

Legrand – global specialists in electrical and digital building infrastructures – has recently acquired home automation specialists, Netatmo.

According to Legrand, this acquisition forms part of the Group’s external growth strategy and strengthens Legrand’s position in the Internet of Thing (IoT). This agreement also provides new opportunities to speed up the development of Legrand’s Eliot programme, that works with Arteor, for connected home solutions.


Legrand acquires Netatmo – smart indoor security camera

Legrand will benefit from Netatmo’s expertise in artificial intelligence and integration of software into products. The company plans to extend its smart integrated solutions that fit into the home infrastructure, through the launch of connected and inter-operable solutions for home automation and the professional environment.

In particular, Legrand is pursuing new opportunities for the development for its Eliot programme, that was launched three years ago to speed up the deployment of the IoT in its offering for connected solutions.

The Netatmo smart range – which will be integrated into Legrand’s extensive portfolio – has been designed to make a home safer and more comfortable. Security products include indoor and outdoor cameras, sensors, sirens and smoke alarms. Also in the range are energy products, comprising thermostats and accessories, home weather stations for climate measurement and analysis and air care products to be able to monitor air quality. Smart products are also available for the automatic control of windows, blinds and shutters.

Legrand SA is committed to making smart homes a reality for as many people as possible in Southern Africa. The company will continue to develop new products and upgrade existing systems, to ensure the best smart home experience.

A technical solutions support service is offered to commercial, industrial and residential sectors throughout the country.

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