Legrand AlphaRex 3 and MicroRex – advanced programmable time switch technology

Legrand’s AlphaRex³ and MicroRex time switches are designed for easy programming and ensure high-clock precision in industrial, commercial and domestic environments.

Legrand devices, with advanced time switch technology, are used to switch an electric circuit on or off at selected times during a pre-programmed time period. These analogue and digital time switches also have an automatic return facility and a permanent forced switching on or off override control.

The AlphaRex³ series has a user-friendly standardised text guided programming facility, with a high resolution digital display and backlight. There is a standard, single data key for all devices in this range to allow quick and easy transfer of programmes to other time switches and for creating back-up copies.

Programming with clock precision to the second is controlled directly on the time switch, or outside the distribution board using a PC and Legrand’s AlphaSoft programming software. Other features include an EEPROM memory, which prevents settings being lost and the facility to programme the clock prior to despatch. Once the unit has been programmed, the information will remain installed even if the switch is not connected to power. The battery can be removed without having to uninstall the time switch from the distribution board.

AlphaRex³ time switches are available with standard and multiple functions, with a daily or weekly programme facility and a clock working reserve of six years.

Typical applications for this series include industrial pump stations, security alarms, indoor and outdoor lighting, air conditioners, heating and ventilation systems and swimming pool heaters. These time switches are also compatible with alternative renewable energy systems, like photovoltaic panels.

MicroRex devices, with analogue and digital dials, are 24 hour and seven day time switches for DIN rail and wall mounting, with a five year running reserve. These units have the capability for multiple programmes, which ensures optimum time setting flexibility. MicroRex time switches have an LED status indicator, a precision clockwork of 0.2 s/day and are controlled by either a quartz or synchronous motor. For increased safety and user convenience, there is an automatic and manual and advance/over-ride facility.

The MicroRex series is designed for dependable use in many applications, including periodic lubrication of machines or regularly repeated switching of pumps, feed conveyors and sprinkler systems. This device is also suitable for short periods of controlled defrosting.

Other time switches in the Legrand range are designed for precise control in security installations – for access points; electric fences and alarms – as well as for use in industrial installations, including pump stations, filters and conveyors. Legrand time switches are also used for the lighting of commercial boards and signage, as well as for street lighting. Time switches in agricultural applications are used for irrigation and sprinkler systems and for cyclical programmes, like animal feed systems.

This range is available nationally from Legrand’s distributor network and a technical advisory and back-up service is also offered.

MicroRex time switches offer easy plug and play installation for daily and weekly programming. By simply setting the analogue switching dial during start up, the time is automatically set using the fast-run mode. In the event of a power failure, the time is automatically reset.

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